Worker Health
& Safety

Employees are the bloodline of any organization. Ensuring Worker Health & Safety are paramount for the EHS teams. VisionAI enables EHS teams to be proactive and monitor for any compliance failures – like missing helmets and PPE, missing fall protection systems while working at heights, and detecting slip-and-falls or person-down events.

Worker Health & Safety Apps

VisionAI Apps for detecting Worker Health & Safety hazards and providing Real-time Alerts

PPE Detection

PPE Detection

Personal Protective Equipment, or PPES prevent serious injuries. EHS teams know it, workers know it - however a vast majority of serious injuries on the jobsite occur due to PPE negligence. Enforce PPE compliance in the by enabling the PPE Detection App. You will get real-time as well as summary events to enforce compliance.

Working at heights

Working at heights

Working at heights can be hazardous and has potential to cause serious injury or death. It is important for employees to wear their PFAS systems (Personal Fall Arrest Systems) while working at heights. This app can detect PFAS systems along with structural events like missing parapets or stairs without railings.

Fall and Accidents

Detect when a person has slipped, fallen or non- responsive. Immediate response to person-down events can help save lives

Posture and Ergonomics - Hazard Warnings

Posture and ergonomics

Detect employee posture and certain activities like bending, turing left-to-right or right-to-left, lifting items etc. Analyze video metrics for improving posture & ergonomics training.

Confined Spaces Monitoring

Some spaces, especially in Chemical manufacturing industry, can have restrictions that you can only be in there for certain amount of time. This app implements dwell time metrics for each person - and raise alerts when dwell time exceeds specified amount.

spills and leaks

Spills and leaks

Detect water puddles, water leaks around equipment, wet floor signs, or debris on walkways. These create hazardous conditions where employees can slip and get injured.

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