Suspicious Activities

VisionAI can detect different types of suspicious activities like loitering, aggressive behavior and fighting. We can also detect knives and firearms. We can also detect unusual activity during off- hours, or shipping activity from non-dock regions. These provide powerful tools for EH&S teams to enable specific rulesets to improve workplace security.

Suspicious Activity Detection Apps

VisionAI Apps providing building blocks for safety and security of employees


Aggressive behavior

Vandalism - Suspicious activity


Firearms and Knives

Firearms and knives

Unattended baggages

shipping activity

Shipping Activity

Perimeter Control

Perimeter Control

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Privacy & Security

VisionAI follows data security & privacy
very seriously.

Your data resides on your

Your data is used only to train & customize your organization's models.

All images & videos are blurred for
faces, texts and signs.

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