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What is VisionAI?

Empowering EHS and Security with AI-driven surveillance, transforming ordinary cameras into vigilant protectors

VisionAI Apps

Over 60 Vision Al Scenarios for building safety, hazard warnings, workplace safety & EHS.

PPE Detection

PPE Detection

Visionify's AI-powered PPE Detection acts as a proactive shield against workplace hazards. Our automated solutions ensure PPE compliance through real-time detection and instant alerts, reducing risks and injuries.

Restricted Zones

Monitor and control access to areas with potential hazards and security concerns. Our App also serves as an emergency response mechanism, promptly alerting upon violation.

Smoke & Fire

Smoke & Fire

Avoid business interruptions, loss of life and injuries with Smoke and Fire detection. Visionify's Smoke and Fire Detection is proficient in spotting early indicators of fire and smoke triggering immediate alerts for rapid response.


Occupancy Metrics

Track crucial occupancy metrics and gain real-time insights with our Vision AI monitoring. Measure and analyze key metrics such as counts, dwell time, traffic flow, density, heatmaps, trends, foot traffic, queue management, etc.

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