Vision AI for Warehousing

Vision AI for Warehousing elevates warehouse safety and efficiency through advanced camera-based monitoring. Key features include forklift zone monitoring, access control in restricted areas, PPE compliance and detection of empty pallets for space optimization. This system integrates smoothly with existing cameras, providing real-time alerts to enhance safety and operational flow.

App Descriptions

VisionAI Apps for Detecting Hazard Warnings and Providing Real-time Alerte


Fork Zone Monitoring

Our Fork Zone Monitoring App, powered by Vision AI, boosts forklift safety in warehouses. It detects forklifts in restricted areas and pedestrians near forklift zones, using real-time monitoring to enforce safety while managing traffic flow.

PPE Detection

PPE Compliance for Warehousing

Our PPE Compliance App for warehouses constantly monitors the use of safety gear like helmets, vests, and gloves, issuing real-time alerts to uphold safety standards and prevent injuries.

Restricted Area and Perimeter Control

Restricted Area and Perimeter Control

Our app ensures the safety and security of warehouses by monitoring restricted areas and controlling perimeter access, preventing unauthorized activities and ensuring compliance, especially in high-risk zones.

Empty Pallets

Empty Pallet Detection

Enhance warehouse efficiency with our AI-driven Empty Pallet Detection App. It swiftly spots empty pallets via camera feeds, aiding storage optimization and inventory management, while also boosting safety and operational throughput.

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