Productivity Suite

Enable real-time space management with ‘Station’ and ‘Desk Occupancy’, employee activity visualization via ‘People Heatmap’, insights on task durations through ‘Cycle Time’, and other comprehensive analytics for informed resource allocation and optimization.

Productivity Suite Apps

VisionAI Apps for Detecting Area Controls and Providing Real-time Alerte
Station occupancy.

Station Occupancy

Monitor worker presence at stations with 24/7 real-time monitoring. Track loading/sorting zones in warehousing, monitor build sites and equipment areas in construction and assembly lines, quality control in manufacturing. Ensure vital areas are manned to boost efficiency and safety.

Desk Occupancy

Track real-time desk usage for workspaces in sectors like technology, manufacturing, hotels, and warehousing to enhance workplace efficiency. This app aids in data-driven space management decisions, improving employee satisfaction and optimizing desk allocation.

People Heatmap

Convert CCTV footage into real-time heat maps for workplace analysis. Efficiently track people flow, crowding, and behavioral patterns, ideal for retail, offices, public spaces, hotels, and warehouses. This tool offers strategic insights that help you increase operational efficiency.

Cycle time.

Cycle Time

Monitor time individuals spend in critical areas in work environments like warehouses, manufacturing, and retail. It analyzes activity duration for productivity insight, helping you identify and rectify workflow bottlenecks to boost overall operational effectiveness.

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