Area Controls

Enhance safety in dynamic work environments with  zone-specific safety compliance, real-time monitoring for instant breach alerts, efficient traffic flow management, and customizable safety settings for diverse operational needs that let you easily manage worker density, safety in Pedestrian Pathways and access in Restricted Areas.

Area Controls Apps

VisionAI Apps for Detecting Area Controls and Providing Real-time Alerte
Minimum workers

Minimum Workers

Maintains a safe number of staff in high-risk or controlled zones, such as areas with moving machinery. This app ensures adequate personnel are present to mitigate risks. Continuous real-time alerts supervisors immediately if personnel levels fall below safe thresholds.

Maximum Workers

Eliminate risks that come with overcrowding and regulate workforce capacity in operational scenarios, like shipping areas, high-risk mining and manufacturing. Ensures safety with 24/7 real-time monitoring and instantly detects incidents where the numbers exceed the preset limit.

Pedestrian pathway

Pedestrian Pathways

Ensures worker safety in areas with machinery and vehicle traffic. Use Vision AI, to monitor and enforce use of designated walkways and safe movement zones in warehouses and manufacturing sites. The event is instantly flagged and alerts are sent when pedestrians violate.

Restricted areas

Restricted Zones

Enhance workplace safety by monitoring areas with security or safety concerns. Monitor and control access to areas with potential hazards, such as toxic environments and machinery. Our App also serves as an emergency response mechanism, promptly alerting upon violation.

Unsafe Climbing

Enhance safety in environments like warehouses and construction by detecting and flagging unsafe climbing incidents. Flags individuals climbing without proper gear, disregarding safety protocols, or climbing in prohibited areas. The app's focus on supervision and accountability helps prevent accidents and ensures PPE compliance in high-risk climbing scenarios.

Time limited area

Visionify's 'Time Limited Area' app actively monitors and controls time spent in high-risk environments like mines and toxic zones. It alerts when workers exceed predefined time limits, enhancing safety in hazardous zones and zones with security concerns. This app minimizes exposure in extreme conditions and ensures operational safety compliance.

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