Vision AI for Hotel Industries

Hospitality thrives on impeccable service and a safe, welcoming environment for guests and staff alike. That’s where steps in. We’ve tailored a collection of AI applications for the unique demands of the hospitality industry. These tools diligently ensure kitchen staff are equipped with necessary PPE, and they rigorously monitor restricted or employees-only zones. Operating quietly in the background, our apps uphold the strictest safety standards. Designed for the non-stop nature of hotel operations, they offer both guests and staff the confidence that their well-being is always a priority.

App Descriptions

VisionAI Apps for Detecting Hazard Warnings and Providing Real-time Alerte

PPE Compliance for Hotels

In the hospitality sector, our PPE Detection App acts as a vigilant guardian of hygiene and safety. It ensures staff, from chefs to cleaners, consistently wear essential protective gear. This attention to detail fosters a safer, cleaner environment for both guests and employees.

Slip, and Fall Prevention for Hotels

Reduce response time during slip and fall accidents, ensuring injuries are detected and alerted instantaneously. From the gleaming floors of your hallways to the wet edges of the poolside, our tool stays alert so your staff can respond at a moment's notice, keeping your guests and staff safe and secure.


Occupancy Monitoring in Hotels

Skillfully manages the flux of guests and staff in busy hotel areas. Track the number of people in shared spaces, like lobbies and parking lots, ensuring efficient use of space while maintaining safety and comfort. This app provides essential data for smart decision-making that can also be used during peak hours or special events to maintain smooth operations within capacity limits.

Smoke-Fire 1

Smoke and Fire Detection for Hotels

Protect your guests and property from the risk of fire with our Smoke and Fire Detection App. Specially designed for high-risk areas like laundry rooms, it provides early warnings to prevent incidents and ensure quick evacuation if necessary, keeping everyone safe.

Perimeter Control for Hotels

Our Perimeter Control App vigilantly monitors sensitive hotel areas, such as poolside and VIP sections. It quickly detects unsupervised children near the pool or unauthorized access to restricted areas. With immediate alerts and real-time monitoring, staff can promptly respond to security concerns, ensuring a safe and serene environment for all guests.

Unattended Baggage Detection

Our Unattended Baggage Detection App enhances hotel security by identifying unattended bags or suspicious items using advanced recognition technology. It swiftly alerts security personnel for immediate action, ensuring a secure environment while reinforcing the commitment to guest and staff safety.

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