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Over here add this extended version “We partner with dedicated security Camera Installers, Workplace Safety and Security Firms and EHS professionals in commercial, retail and Industrial space, enabling the with Al-based video analytics as an add-on to their cameras. This value-added service allows our partners to earn recurring revenues while providing superior solutions to their clientele, thereby fostering a robust partner ecosystem. Our shared goal is to raise safety standards and operational efficiency across various sectors.

Join Our Reseller Program Boost Your business by adding VisionAI Service!

Join our Reseller Program & boost your business by adding Vision AI Service!

Become a reseller for our Vision Al add-on service and grow your security camera business with our cutting- edge Vision Al technology.

What is Vision AI ?

Vision Al is a state-of-the-art Al-powered security camera add-on service that enhances the capabilities of existing security camera systems. It includes a suite of Al Models that run on premise, including Smoke & Fire detection, Occupancy Metrics, Suspicious Activity Detection and many more.

Smoke & Fire

Smoke & Fire

Avoid business interruptions, loss of life and injuries with Smoke and Fire detection. Visionify's Smoke and Fire Detection is proficient in spotting early indicators of fire and smoke triggering immediate alerts for rapid response.

Slip & Fall

Slips and Falls are a major cause of occupational deaths, but timely action can save lives. Working alone or in a noisy environment delays assistance but with our Vision AI-based Real-time detection decreases response time for such workplace accidents.

Vandalism - Suspicious activity

Property Damage

Enhance infrastructure security and prevent property damage with our advanced Vision AI solution that offers real-time detection of such activities. Leverage the power of advanced live feed analysis that identifies and alerts incidents of property damage.

Firearms and Knives

Guns and Firearms

Enhance security measures and reduce threats with Visionify’s advanced VisionAI solution for Real-time detection of firearms and weapons. Monitor live video feeds, instantly classify illegal objects, and receive immediate alerts upon firearm detection.

image indicating loitering

Suspicionus Activity

Enhance workplace security with our Real-time suspicious activity detection. Monitor crowds, detect anomalies, and identify risks and violations like loitering, aggressive behavior, fighting, off-hour activity, and non-dock shipping.


Occupancy Metrics

Track crucial occupancy metrics and gain real-time insights with our Vision AI monitoring solution. Measures and analyzes key metrics such as occupancy count, dwell time, traffic flow, occupancy density, heatmaps,behaviors, trends, foot traffic, queue management, etc.

What is VisionAI Reseller Program?

We’re looking for motivated security camera installers to join our reseller program and help bring this game-changing technology to a wider market. By partnering with us, you’ll benefit from attractive commissions and have the opportunity to upsell our service to your existing and new clients. Earn recurring revenues on each new camera subscription.


Become reseller and grow with us


Visionify offering services in different countries around the world.


VisionAI Reseller Program Benefits

As a network and security camera company, you understand the real-world challenges and the crucial pain-points your customers face daily With Vision Al, you can bridge the gap and address these issues by delivering tailored, cutting-edge solutions that cater to your clients’ specific needs.

Attractive commissions & bonus

By partnering with us os a reseller, you gon access to our lucrative, tiered commission structure ond ongoing bonus incentives, providing you with a significant income opportunity as you expand your product offerings and client base.

Training & Support

As our reseller, you will receive estensive training and continuous support, ensuring you have the necessory knowledge, skills, and resources to successfully sel and implement our innovative Vision Al software solutions for your clients.

Competitve Edge

By offering our cutting-edge VisionAI technology, you can differentiate your business from competitors, address your customers' unique security needs, and establish yourself as a leader in providing advanced, intelligent security solutions.

Our Partners

Build competitive edge by providing Vision AI as an add-on to your Security Camera Installation

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How do I sign up for the reseller program?

Signing up for a reseller program is easy. Fill out the intent form (Registration Form) below, and
we will share an application for you to join us.

Make sure you meet the requirements to sign-up for the reseller program.

Once your application is approved, you must sign the Reseller Agreement. Next, we will provide
you with training for our application and how to begin your reseller journey. After completing
your training, you will receive an Authorized Reseller certificate – and you can continue selling
our solutions to your clients.

What are the requirements for my business to join the program?

  • Annual revenues of USD 1,000,000 or more.
  • 10 or more full-time employees.
  • Maintain at least a B rating from BBB.
  • Good number of recent reviews from Google, Yelp, Facebook and other social media
  • References from your recent clients.

How does the commission structure work?

We are to committed pay our Resellers with a commission for new client subscriptions to our
VisionAI Service. The structure of the commission is as follows:

  1. Per-camera installation commission.
  2. Bonus Commissions every 6 months for installing 50 or more cameras in the trailing 6 month period.

Please fill out the Registration/ Intent Form so that we can share the exact pricing details with you.

What kind of training and support do you provide?

  • Visionify will provide Resellers access to training materials, such as manuals, documents, presentations, installation instructions and video tutorials.
  • Visionify will provide technical support for any client installation and onboarding processes. Our technical team is here to assist you throughout the journey to ensure each installation is quick and successful.
  • We will also give Resellers access to an online support portal, which includes FAQs,
    troubleshooting guides, and other support resources.

To sum it up, Resellers will have access to End-to-end implementation training, Continuous support and a Ticketing system as well.

What is the estimated installation time for integrating your apps with our security cameras?

It usually takes less than a week to implement the Vision AI solution at a client facility and have it fully operational. is a complete platform which includes hardware device and on-premise Saas software, making the installation process straightforward.

Can your Vision AI apps be customized to cater to specific client needs or industry requirements?

Yes, our VisionAI apps can customized to support specific requirements and industries.


We provide consultation for implementing additional use-cases, custom integrations (Buzzers, Lighting) Customized Reports and any additional custom processes. Typically these are implemented as consulting services but we can work out the exact requirements and come up with the best way to implement these.

Amplify your business with our Reseller Program - Add VisionAI today!