Compliance Policies

Every organization has their unique safety and compliance policies for their workspace. VisionAI provides first principles approach by providing building blocks for each safety use-case. Implement occupancy metrics to enforcements of dwell- time. Create areas where mobile phone usage or capturing images is not allowed. Distinguish between different employee group and restrict access to authorized personnel only.

Compliance Policy Apps

VisionAI Apps providing building blocks for EHS Compliance

Max Occupancy

Restricted Area - Compliance Policies

Restricted Areas

Dwell Time

stationdesk occupancy

Station Occupancy

Occupancy Metric

Occupancy Metrics

No Visitors - Compliance Policies

No visitors

No food or drinks

No smoking

No smoking or vaping

Perimeter Control - Compliance Policies

Perimeter Control

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Compliance Policies White paper

Privacy & Security

VisionAI follows data security & privacy
very seriously.

Your data resides on your

Your data is used only to train & customize your organization's models.

All images & videos are blurred for
faces, texts and signs.

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