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Computer Vision company based in Denver, CO, focused on delivering innovative solutions for Workplace Safety and Compliance.

Vision AI solutions provider for Workplace Safety and Compliance

At Visionify, we are dedicated to revolutionizing Environmental, Health, and Safety standards through our powerful Vision AI applications. Our Vision AI suite offers a comprehensive suite of workplace safety and compliance solutions that are designed to detect potential hazards, monitor worker safety and prevent accidents. Available on Azure Marketplace, these Ready-to-use, pre-trained apps can be accessed easily through CLI and web-based GUI.
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About visionify

What We Do

We help companies establish safety as a culture and remain compliant with regulations

We are dedicated to helping companies establish a strong safety culture that puts the well-being of their employees at the forefront. Our innovative solutions enable companies to detect potential safety hazards in real-time and proactively prevent accidents from occurring. With VisionAI, companies can not only improve workplace safety but also demonstrate their commitment to compliance with safety regulations. Our team of experts is dedicated to working closely with our clients to understand their unique safety needs and tailor our solutions accordingly. Join us in building a safer workplace for everyone and creating a culture of safety that lasts a lifetime.

Our Leadership Team

Priyesh Sanghvi

Co-Founder and CTO

Harsh Murari

Co-Founder and CEO

John Simmonds

John Simmonds

Channel Partner, ANZ Region
Travis Soukup

Travis Soukup

Advisor and Mentor
Safety belt: Person using safety belt in workplaces

Our Mission

Visionify aims to provide the most advanced computer vision solutions that enhance workplace safety and compliance. We are committed to helping businesses of all sizes create a safe and compliant working environment by leveraging the power of computer vision technology. Through our innovative solutions, we strive to reduce workplace accidents and injuries, improve compliance with safety regulations, and increase overall productivity.

Our Vision

Visionify aspires to be a leading expert in computer vision solutions for workplace safety and compliance. We strive to create safer, healthier and compliant workplaces through the power of innovative technology and offer seamless interactive experiences. We envision a future where workplace safety and compliance are top priorities for businesses, and we are dedicated to driving this cultural shift by upholding excellence, integrity, and progressive innovation.