Vehicle Control

Introduce advanced vehicle navigation within industrial settings by interpreting real-time visual data, creating heat maps  and actionable insights that reveal safe pathways for vehicle movement and monitor patterns of traffic flow. Augment regular camera feeds to extract key insights and enable danger zone alerts and traffic metrics. 

Vehicle Control Apps

VisionAI Apps for Detecting Area Controls and Providing Real-time Alerte
Vehicle heatmap

Vehicle Heatmap

Transform real-time visual data from CCTV cams into comprehensive vehicle heat maps. These maps offer insights into traffic flow, congestion points, and movement patterns, aiding in identifying danger zones and key traffic metrics without special sensors in industrial areas.

Vehicle-people interactions (near-misses)

Prevent collisions between vehicles and pedestrians with Real-Time Vehicle Zone Monitoring. Actively flag proximity breaches and detect potential collisions between vehicles and workers to enhance safety in industrial spaces like warehousing, construction, ports and manufacturing.

Vehicle speed limit

Vehicle speed limits

Track and monitor vehicle speeds in real-time to enforce speed limits within industrial environments. Identify and alert when vehicles exceed the speed limit and ensure safety where speed control is critical, such as manufacturing plants, warehouses, and construction sites.

Vehicle operation zones

Dynamically manage vehicle pathways and operational areas in real-time, enhancing safety and efficiency. Designate zones as operational or non-operational based on live activities, adapting them to changing work scenarios to reduce the risk of vehicle-pedestrian collisions.

Vehicle restricted areas

Monitor and flag vehicles entering safety-sensitive areas. Prevent vehicles from accessing hazardous zones, reducing risks of accidents and other dangers in industrial settings. Advanced monitoring ensures vehicles adhere to designated safe areas, enhancing safety and efficiency.

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