Vision AI for Manufacturing

Improve Workplace Safety in manufacturing with our AI-powered tools that enhance protective measures on the shop floor. Our suite includes many applications like PPE Detection and Fire Safety, addressing specific challenges in manufacturing. Our apps merge workplace safety expertise with AI precision, creating workplaces that are safer, smarter, and more productive.

App Descriptions

VisionAI Apps for Detecting Hazard Warnings and Providing Real-time Alerte

PPE Detection

PPE Detection

Keep your manufacturing floor safe with our PPE Detection App that monitors fr proper use of safety equipment like helmets, gloves, and boots, in real-time to prevent workplace injuries. With instant alerts and reports, it's easier than ever to make sure everyone is suitably protected and PPE rules are followed.

Slip and Fall Detection

Our app provides a crucial layer of protection for employees working in high-risk areas like heights and scaffolds. It also acts as a vital safeguard for solitary work areas, zones where manual supervision is not possible and noisy environments to enable quick action to keep your team safe and maintain a secure work environment.

Smoke & Fire

Smoke and Fire Detection

Safeguard your facility with our targeted Smoke and Fire Detection App. It's crafted with the manufacturing setting in mind, picking up on early signs of fire from equipment, flammable materials, or electrical issues. By catching hazards early, it paves the way for quick action, helping to keep your team and premises safe from harm.

Posture and Ergonomics - Hazard Warnings

Ergonomics for Manufacturing

Our Ergonomics App reduces injury risks linked to repetitive tasks, heavy lifting, and poor posture in the manufacturing environment. It tracks factors like vibration and extreme temperatures, advising on ways to improve workstations and practices. The result? A workplace that's both safer and more comfortable for everyone.

Confined Spaces Monitoring

Our app ensures safety in confined spaces by monitoring the dwell time of each person. If someone exceeds the designated time in a restricted zone, it sends out alerts. This helps enforce safety protocols and prevents health risks from overexposure in these areas.

Exclusion Zones Monitoring

Our Exclusion Zones Monitoring app helps you keep sensitive areas like chemical storage, machinery zones, and research labs secure. It controls access, alerts you to any unauthorized entries, and ensures these high-risk spots stay safe and meet all safety regulations.

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