Vision AI for Oil & Gas Industry

Improve safety at Oil and Gas sites with Spill Detection, Air Quality Monitoring, and Fire Detection and Instant Alert Systems. Ensure strict adherence to PPE usage and optimal staffing within Hazard Zones for functional, risk-free operations.

App Descriptions

VisionAI Apps for Detecting Oil & Gas Industry and Providing Real-time Alerte

spills and leaks

Spills & Leaks

Detects leaks on the floor from equipment, machines, drums, or tanks. With the VisionAI Spills & Leaks app, safeguard against the risks of chemical or liquid spills.

Air Toxicity Monitoring

Our Air Toxicity Monitoring App delivers real-time surveillance of air quality in oil and gas fields, detecting hazardous toxicity levels swiftly to avert potential threats and protect lives on-site.

Smoke & Fire

Smoke & Fire

Receive instant alerts for Smoke and Fire incidents. Enhance your fire-alarm system with early detection of Smoke and Fire. Our Vision AI app identifies Smoke and Fire, faster than traditional detectors or sprinklers.

Restricted areas

Restricted Zone Monitoring

Dynamically secures various areas by marking unsafe zones and alerting breaches. Oversee enforces area-specific safety protocols, monitor loading/unloading activities. Get instant on-site alarms and visual warnings to prevent unauthorized access and enhance safety.

Hazard Zone (Working Areas)

Identify and mark high-risk areas, enforcing zone-specific safety protocols. It's designed for environments with elevated risks such as falling objects, debris, and areas with overhead crane activity or heavy lifting operations.

PPE Detection

PPE Detection

Personal Protective Equipment, or PPE prevent serious injuries. EHS teams know it, workers know it - however a vast majority of serious injuries on the jobsite occur due to PPE negligence. Enforce PPE compliance in the by enabling the PPE Detection App. You will get real-time as well as summary events to enforce compliance.

Minimum workers

Minimum Workers

Maintains a safe number of staff in high-risk or controlled zones, such as areas with moving machinery. This app ensures adequate personnel are present to mitigate risks. Continuous real-time alerts supervisors immediately if personnel levels fall below safe thresholds.

Maximum Workers

Eliminate risks that come with overcrowding and regulate workforce capacity in operational scenarios, like shipping areas, high-risk mining and manufacturing. Ensures safety with 24/7 real-time monitoring and instantly detects incidents where the numbers exceed the preset limit.

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