Label Checking Solutions

Label checking is a process to detect labels and their position on a box or container that are not correctly in place. This guarantees the whole shipping process goes smoothly.

label checking solutions

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Label Checking in Manufacturing

It’s a multi-level solution and can be used with all kinds of labels, such as in-mold labels (IML), wrap-around labels and front/back labels.

Label Inspection is one of the most successful solutions in package inspection. The smart cameras capture front and back images of the package before it departs. Images are processed by solutions, making sure product labels match the master image, including various text/image information types.

Visonify label checking solutions combine advanced camera technology with industrial-strength process control and edge computing. 

label checking system
label checking solution

The solution can be used for verifying labels on cartons, boxes, and bags of all sizes, shapes, and orientations, whether the product is stationary or in motion. Including verification of 2D & 3D codes, alphanumeric barcodes, graphical ID, label ID, label placement, and it identifies defects like label skew, label wrinkles, cap color mismatch, cap presence, transparent container fill, cap skew, contaminants in a seal, container measurements and so on.

This can also work with an expiry date check system to ensure no expired products are sent out. Our quality control measure helps achieve label quality standards and ensures customer satisfaction by reducing label defects.


Quick and Reliable

Our solution verifies your labels even in the most challenging situations.

No slips

To ensure that products are well-displayed in retail outlets, we make sure that labels are correct and clearly visible.


We make your production process faster, easier and more streamlined.


Mix and match products with minimal programming. Great for on-off manufacturing runs.


Our solution helps you check multiple inspection points when labeling items such as bins, pallets, and boxes.


Our solution is easy to use and independent programming of the camera system enables it to be quickly adapted to many different requirements.

Benefits of Label Checking

no label error

No label error products.

High rate read

Very high read rates.

Suitable for all conveyors and container-type sorters.

You can combine various label inspection models.


Visionify team helped build pilot solution and models for us using both visible and IR cameras. The pilot process was quick and insights this system is generating is invaluable. We ore quickly expanding this solution to the rest of the organization.
Dustin Dickinson
Pilgrim's Inc

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