Face Detection and Verification Solutions

Implement access control, visitor management and verification Privacy by design: data resides within your enterprise.

Benefits of factory vision systems include

With Visionify’s factory vision solution you get a competitive advantage & improve your bottom line. Contact us today to see how Visionify can help you monitor in real-time and make smarter decisions on products you manufacture.

Reduces production costs

Decreases count of unqualified products

Expands profits and reduces maintenance

Improves Machine Utilization

Reduced floor space

Maximize output while improving quality in production

Computer Vision Solutions for Manufacturing

Locate and identify anomalies on products as they move through factory belt.

Prevent manufacturing defects without costing you money. Easily integrate with production control systems to view the status of the objects in real-time.


Learn how to Maximize Operational Efficiency with Factory Vision Solutions

Visionify has been an excellent partner in helping us launch an enterprise-class product that our customers love. They are experts in the vision space and have built a platform that can scale to support our needs as we grow and expand our business.

Terry Smith

Denver Logistics

Solution Highlights

PPE Detection

Lightening Fast Response Time

Use our cloud-hosted APIs (300-600ms) or on-prem deployable solution (30ms).

PPE Detection

Robust Technology

We support Face Detection, landmarks, face recognition vectors, and face tracking. Build your organization's images image database thorough APIs and enable face matching and badging applications.

PPE Detection

Privacy By Design

We are cognizant of different state laws about biometric information collection. Our experts can guide you on solution use-cases, and how it can be designed and deployed to ensure we are in compliance with state and local laws.


Learn how to Maximize Operational Efficiency with Factory Vision Solutions