Hazard Warnings

Automated Hazard Warning systems for Workplace Safety that include smoke & fire detection, electrical hazard detections, chemical handling monitoring, spills & leakage detection. Enable compliance policies like exits are not blocked or fire extinguisher is present in its place.

Hazard Warnings Apps

VisionAI Apps for Detecting Hazard Warnings and Providing Real-time Alerte

Smoke & Fire

Smoke & Fire

Get real-time alerts on detection of Fire or Smoke indicators Supplement your Fire-alarm system with early detection logic, or keep track of any minor fire incidents VisionAI can detect fire or smoke indicators well before smoke detectors or sprinklers are activated.

No smoking

No Smoking Zone

There are still several instances of smoking in or around company premises or vehicles With VisionAI No Smoking Zone App, you can quickly implement on exclusion zone for smoking or vaping Get real- time events when people are detected smoking in these areas.

Blocked Exit Monitoring

One cardinal rule for EHS is to keep exit pathways clear in case of an emergency evacuation VisionAI can monitor hallways, corridors and exit paths for any blocks, furniture, debris or other items.

Missing Fire Extinguisher

Missing Fire Extinguisher

Strengthen your smoke and fire detection compliance through adding checks for missing fire exstinguishers from their required places.

Equipment Temperatures

With IR Cameras, VisionAI can detect temperatures of products and equipments Configure the acceptable temperature range for your scenario, and get alerts when the temperature exceeds or subceeds the range.

Gas Leaks

With IR Cameras, VisionAI can detect methane gas leaks. This app requires special type of camera, and configuration of gas leak limits Contact us to configure the application.

Electrical Hazards

Electrical Hazards

Create an exclusion zone around High-voltage electrical equipments Enforce specific PPE requirements when people are in this zone. Get real- time alerts if any accident or worker down situation is detected.

spills and leaks

Spills & Leaks

Detect any types of leaks on the floor including leaks from equipments, machines, drums or tanks With VisionAI Spills & Leaks app, you can mitagate against the dangers of any type of chemical or liquid spill.

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