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Microsoft AI Azure is an expanding set of cloud services to help your organization meet your business challenges. It’s the freedom to build, manage, and deploy applications on a massive, global network using your favorite tools and frameworks. is a consultant for enterprise Azure solutions. We help companies shape their digital transformation with the implementation of Azure projects. Our AI solutions help organizations with their future architectures, security, and risk profile audits to achieve a 360° growth and improvement.

We enable our clients to connect their applications to Azure cloud, which ultimately takes care of all your hosting services while offering tools and frameworks to help you integrate AI and Computer Vision services.

AI Azure Services’s Azure cognitive services help companies build and deploy intelligent applications. These services include speech recognition, text-to-speech, translation, image and character recognition, language understanding, vision intelligence, and knowledge management. Furthermore our clients can use these services for bot-based solutions as well. In addition our machine learning services let you operate existing AI algorithms to process and analyze data differently.

At we help companies integrate Azure-based AI and ML into their current infrastructure with our highly skilled and experienced Microsoft Azure certified engineers. To work tirelessly to provide all the services through a cloud platform.

Our Services

Proof Of Concept (POC) using Azure Machine Learning Services

Proof of concept Azure

Visonify’s Azure POC services give you a significant head start in product development. It lets you implement Azure focusing on a specific area of interest. We work with our clients in developing Proof of Concept use to secure funding and support for your idea as it ensures a successful outcome. Additionally it gives you data you need to move forward with confidence. Our services include a roadmap for implementing and using our Azure ML services.

Proof Of Concept (POC) using Azure Machine Learning Services

Custom Vision

Visionify’s Azure Custom Vision is a cloud-based service that lets you implement your own image recognition models. It is an image identifier that labels images based on their visual characteristics to make identification easier. Additionally our custom vision lets you train your own classifications rather than using predefined labels provided by the computer vision service.

Optical Character Recognition

optical character recognition

This service allows clients to extract data from images and documents carrying handwritten and printed text. In addition to this, you can digitize printed and handwritten documents in several languages, including English, Spanish, French, and others


Computer Vision API


Our team uses Computer Vision API to build applications for our clients. With this API they can extract rich data from images and video, allowing them to categorize and process visual data. This solution helps our client with image analytics, tagging, recognition of celebrities, text extraction, and spatial analysis.

Face Documentation’s Azure face documentation is an AI service that helps our clients identify human faces and other objects in images. We implement this service for our clients for various purposes like identity verification, granting access to restricted areas, and removing identification features from photos.

Visonify helps you see things differently:

We make our client’s Microsoft environment run extremely smooth so they don’t have to worry about it. Our clients always have access to our product updates and additional services to help them with their product needs. services are where modern applications and IT infrastructure live. So be with us and take advantage of new Azure innovations.

Microsoft certified

Expert team of Azure Certified Engineers

Microsoft certified

We have a certified team of Azure engineers. They help you with anything from infrastructure to implementation and consulting. We are experts in the full suite of AI Azure Microsoft solutions.


Lightening Fast Response Time

Real-time inference results and feedback (~30 frames per second processing).
Our models are optimized to run on the edge, and our embedded software experts can help build integrations with your factory needs.

Bottles, boxes, groceries

We support processing many different types of products. Our Factory Vision solution has been deployed from large poultry processing plants to craft beer bottling plants.

Embedded Integrations

Our team has significant expertise in Embedded system and RTOS development. We can build custom integrations to ring alarms, move machine arms, separate exception objects on different belts etc.

Pose Detection

Our NVIDIA optimized pose-detection models can identify a sequence of necessary actions that employees are supposed to perform for assembly. This can build automated safety and compliance procedures customized for your operations.

Quick Pilots

With our pre-built models, inference engines, and extensible architecture for customized integrations, we can build complete working PILOT solutions with in 4-6 weeks.

Platform Agnostic

Our edge solutions, models, inference framwork and integration are completely Dockerized and are cloud-agnostic. We have deployed solutions with all three major cloud providers: Azure, AWS and GCP.

Benefits of partnering with

  1. You can get Machine Learning as a service with no up-front costs or commitments.
  2. Azure ML Studio streamlines the process of creating machine learning models.
  3. Comprehensive algorithm support is available in all products.
  4. Our competitive pricing plan is one of the best in the industry.
  5. You will get Faster, easier web service deployment.
  6. Azure and cross-platform integration offers endless possibilities for your business.
  7. Comprehensive documentation and community support make the platform easy to use.


Your Next Move

It is a challenge for any business to lead the digital transformation, but we provide you with highly integrated services, so as long as you do what you do best, we will help your business become more intelligent!

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Visionify team helped build pilot solutions and models for us using both visible and IR cameras. The pilot process was quick and insights this system is generating is invaluable. We are quickly expanding this solution to the rest of the organization.
Dustin Dickinson
Pilgrim's Inc

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