Using Computer Vision to detect the Quality of Bricks – Case Study

Computer vision is becoming more and more relevant in the QC field of different industries. This case study will show you how a small batch of bricks can be analyzed using computer vision, and help the brick manufacturer to solve common quality issues in the production procedure.
quality of bricks detection
Computer Vision to detect the Quality of Bricks

Brick manufacturers are a significant part of the masonry materials industry in the US. They supply materials for residential, commercial and architectural projects. The prominent and profitable ones are renowned for producing materials of durable strength and have aesthetic appeal while being energy efficient in the process.

Leaders of this industry are highly committed towards environmental sustainability, safety, and quality. 

Keeping to their promise of quality products, a giant from the brick manufacturing industry trusted to maintain the high-standards of their products. 

They believed’s computer vision solutions are a must have for high-quality production. The integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning tools were to ensure that all bricks would be of excellent quality and lead to smooth and efficient production.

Attention to detail

Brick manufacturing companies produce bricks, stone and concrete. These materials are available from brick manufacturers.

Brick Manufacturing companies encompass many different building products, such as brick, thin masonry, stone, outdoor living kits and concrete blocks. Brick Manufacturing companies also deal in other building materials. Arriscraft(r) Stone Products is the name of Brick Manufacturing’s line of specially-crafted stones for home and business use.

Challenge Faced by Client

In keeping with their commitment to quality, brick industries must ensure that bricks they produce are of excellent and uniform quality. Bricks are often damaged and even slightest damage can compromise the quality of the final product. This leads to risks, not just to safety, but also to energy efficiency and sustainability. Brick manufacturers lose millions of dollars every year due to warranty issues.

There was also a problem of too many false positives, which caused waste and loss.

Proactively brick manufacturers engaged’s Factory Vision Solutions which successfully differentiates good and bad bricks that pass through the primary stage of the manufacturing process.

Why they Choose Visionify

Visionify is one of most enterprising and quality-oriented companies in Colorado, the primary reason behind the client choosing our solution systems.

Visionify installed Inline cameras to detect the quality of bricks as they move on a conveyor belt. Brick images were captured by cameras and divided into good, partial, or bad bricks by pre-defined measurements fed into a solution.

Partial or bad bricks were immediately identified and eliminated from a conveyor belt. This had an immediate impact on brick’s quality and energy efficiency. 

Our algorithm reduces waste by classifying bricks with tiny chips as good bricks. AI was developed to take these subjective decisions and add hysteresis as opposed to binary yes and no.

The results

Visionify’s solutions made it possible for the brick manufacturing company to increase their production quality, value and quantity, meeting all the industry demands and standards. Visonify’s valuable experience has given them knowledge and expertise to grow their business through technology.

What was addressed first, and why?

The first identification was the high-speed movement of the bricks on the conveyor belt. This made manual detection of faulty bricks impossible. As a result we concluded that we have to deploy our In-line AI factory Vision solution to check the quality of bricks.

How did our client feel about working with us?

Our client was pleased with the difference our solutions brought to the entire production. The obvious difference in results was something that the manufacturers had not witnessed before.

What Next?

Are you having issues in your brick manufacturing? If yes then will help eliminate them with their factory vision solutions. Chat with us to see how we can integrate our solution into your production line and eliminate faulty bricks.

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