Automatic Inline Label Inspection System – Case Study

Automatic Inline Label Inspection System Case Study. This report will look at the case study of an Automatic Inline Label Inspection System that is being used by a customer which is a food processing company. The company was having trouble with one of their process lines which resulted in low yield and lot failures, so they decided to automate the rejections.


Printing companies have live up to expectations for clients who need zero-defect medication deliveries or high-quality food packaging. As a result, they’ll have likely to have early access to the most effective % product quality, resulting in label defect-free products. If you manufacture foldable cartons, labels, leaflets, or flexible packaging, the Label inspection system is tailored to your needs.


Mislabeled products can result in costly recalls and should be caught before they reach retailers.


Visonify’s solution has features that allow end-user to add/edit label sets as desired. We installed a pixel line scan camera above the exit point of label printer/rewinder. A vision bar offers illumination. An encoder wheel is performed to develop line synchronization for image capturing when camera is coupled to a vision controller.

We employed four printers with a line scan camera/light/encoder combination attached to paper output point. There will be two controller each with two cameras connected to it.

We put a premium on delivering a value inspection solution which is why we provide smart camera-based solutions for a multitude of label inspection applications. We recommend implementing a PC-based vision system to increase processing capacity where advanced features (such as inspections or high production speeds) are essential. If you’re unsure which solution is ideal for you, our tech team can assess the best solution.