Computer Vision Solutions for Construction Safety – Case Study

Safety is a top priority for everyone involved in the construction industry.   Every year, falls cause thousands of fatalities and injuries. The construction industry, a significant portion of which is made up of contractors and subcontractors, depends on a varied supply chain that is vulnerable to error. In this article, we will show you Computer Vision Solutions for Construction Safety.
Computer Vision Solutions for Construction Safety

Computer Vision is a boon to construction safety, and its formula is to avert construction accidents and improve safety. Corps will get formal alerts about workers and safety fixes fulfilled on the site. With this piloting site and worker safety will be like a pro. In this case study, we will take you to the best Computer Vision Solutions that achieve construction safety.

How is computer vision used in construction safety?

Facial and Body Recognition:

Both are apps of Computer Vision, can be passed to spot workers on-site and know whether they are pursuing safety regards or not. For example, all construction workers have to wear vital PPE kits on site. If any worker doesn’t wear a PPE kit, it knows the person by facial and body recognition, attaches this data to the worker’s image, this image connects to employee ID. So, they can warn the workers to wear safety PPE Kits. 

In this way project managers can scan workers, and can get a count of how many workers are on every project, their attendance is calculated, their work process is also recorded. Benefit is that a project manager can get all the data, without visiting the site. The global facial recognition market is determined to develop from US$ 3.42 billion in 2019 to US$ 7.20 billion by 2025.


Smart Safety Applications

The injury rate at construction sites is not low, in a recent study from REMI Network, says in 1 lakh workers, nearly 4k workers are injured. To avert injuries and deaths, Computer Vision came with smart safety apps. These apps scan total site safety by an array of pictures. It fulfills safety in points like workers’ safety, normal risks, and others. Data is sent to the project manager, to take safety fixes.

Safety Program for Insurance

Every construction site pursues best constants to avert construction accidents. On some sites, accidents may happen due to low reviews. To claim the loss from the accident. They have to get the best safety Insurance program, for these Computer Vision apps are built. These apps trail the images taken by drone cameras, site engineers, CCTV Footages, and other imaging devices.

After compiling data these apps can show the risks that can arise on the site, and certify them with construction code. So, the corps can get a view of on-site safety and Insurance amount is figured and scaled-down by taking safety fixes given by the app.

Prevents Unknown Access 

On a construction site, thousands of workers are split up for different shifts, in different locations. It’s not possible to find an unknown worker in the construction field. In some cases, access can be hacked and workers can enter the site and can collect the Data. 

To avert unknown access, Computer Vision Facial Recognition is used to tag unknown workers on the site and alarm project managers with a simple alert. It can also find unknown vehicles on the site by tracing the images of license plates. This will increase site safety a lot.

Safety between Workers and Equipment

Safety of workers is the priority on every construction site. To avert an alliance between equipment and workers. By tracing locations of both workers and equipment. Project engineers can find danger zones by Computer Vision. 

To make this happen, Computer Vision first starts collecting locations, where workers and equipment are interacting by camera data. This data is sent to Neural Networks. Here location of workers and equipment is classified, and output is derived. With this danger zones are identified and alarms are allotted.

Knowledge Graph

It is the new app from Computer Vision, a database that integrates with Ontology. It is used to detect the hazards that arise before on construction sites.

The process of knowledge graph is, adds integrating Computer Vision Algorithms with Ontology samples. With this site engineers know hazards from Ontology models, data extraction, and its interface.


Computer Vision Technology will make sites safer with its applications. It helps to get all data related to sites remotely with predictive analytics, which ensures workers’ safety. Finally applying Computer Vision Solutions on construction sites will upgrade work progress, cut back on-site accidents, ensure worker safety.
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