Case Study: How a Major Power Generation Plant from India boosted its PPE compliance with the help of Visionify’s PPE Detection Solution

Representation of power plant.

Client Overview:

Our client is India’s largest private thermal power producer and plays a pivotal role in providing electricity through coal-based power generation. The corporation holds  a crucial position in the coal-based electricity generation sector in the country. With its expansive power plant facilities and a workforce engaged in high-risk operations, for our client, the safety of its employees is paramount.

Committed to a safety ethos of ‘Zero Harm’, our client recognized the imperative for an advanced, automated system to oversee Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) adherence at one of its establishments in Eastern India. To address this challenge, they turned to Visionify, for its cutting-edge Vision AI workplace safety solutions.

Challenge Faced by the Client

The Power Corporation faced several challenges in maintaining PPE compliance among its workforce. Their business involves employees working at heights, exposure to electric hazards, loading and unloading operations, and welding activities at different corners, all of which demand strict adherence to safety protocols, especially the use of relevant PPE. Traditional manual monitoring methods proved inadequate, as they could not provide real-time insights and monitor a large number of employees across their vast facilities.

Visionify’s Solution

To address safety challenges related to PPE compliance, Visionify proposed implementing their state-of-the-art VisionAI model for PPE Detection. This solution employs AI and deep learning techniques like object detection and semantic segmentation to accurately identify and locate Personal Protective Equipment items from live video feeds.

Key components of the solution included:

On-Premise Deployment – Our team of expert engineers deployed the tailored PPE detection model on-site, integrating it with the client’s existing camera infrastructure. Approximately 40 on-premise cameras were strategically placed to cover critical areas across the power generation plant.

Live Streaming: The client wanted live streaming on a large screen at a specific location to provide real-time monitoring capabilities. Our engineers configured a large screen that displayed live streaming from the selected on-premise cameras. This setup allowed supervisors and safety personnel to have an immediate overview of the workforce and detect PPE non-compliance as they occurred.

Real-time PPE Compliance Monitoring: The VisionAI model analyzed the live camera feeds, in real-time to monitor the workforce for PPE compliance. The system not only identified instances of non-compliance, such as missing helmets, gloves, safety glasses, or other necessary safety gear but also detected the incorrect use of these PPEs.

This comprehensive approach ensured that not only were the necessary safety gear in place but they were also being worn and utilized correctly by the workforce. This dual functionality further enhanced workplace safety and minimized the risk of accidents resulting from the incorrect use of PPE.

Real-time Alerts: Whenever a PPE violation is detected, the system generates real-time alerts, enabling immediate corrective actions. These alerts were sent to designated personnel, ensuring rapid response to safety incidents.

Violation Time Chart

Accuracy Achieved

The Deployment achieved an impressive accuracy rate of 99% with Visionify’s PPE Detection model. This high level of precision instilled confidence in the system’s ability to promptly identify and rectify PPE compliance issues.

Accuracy achieved
Model Accuracy

Other Impacts of the Solution

The implementation of Visionify’s solution had a profound impact on our client’s operations:

Enhanced Workplace Safety: By proactively identifying and addressing PPE non-compliance, the solution significantly reduced the risk of workplace accidents, making the power generation facilities safer for employees.

Operational Efficiency: The automated monitoring system saved time and resources compared to manual checks, allowing supervisors to allocate their efforts more effectively.

Reduced Violations: Trends over a monthly basis showed a consistent reduction in PPE compliance violations, demonstrating the solution’s effectiveness in improving safety culture.

Quantifying Progress: Trends Over a Monthly Basis

Over a couple of months since the solution’s implementation, Adani Power Limited observed a consistent reduction in PPE compliance violations. This trend underscored the long-term effectiveness of our solution in fostering a safer working environment and reinforcing a culture of safety within the organization.

Customer Testimonial 

The Safety Supervisor at the power plant lauded Visionify’s deployment:

“Visionify’s model for PPE Detection has revolutionized how we ensure safety across our power generation facilities. With its exceptional accuracy and real-time monitoring capabilities, we have achieved unparalleled levels of PPE compliance. This technology has not only made our workplace safer but has also contributed to our operational efficiency. We are grateful for the partnership with Visionify and its positive impact on our safety culture.”

Visionify – Empowering Safer Workplaces Through Cutting-edge Vision AI Technology

Our VisionAI model for PPE Detection provided our client with a powerful tool to ensure 100% PPE compliance within their challenging work environment. Through on-premise deployment, real-time monitoring, and accurate detection, Visionify not only helped improve workplace safety but also streamlined operations.

Our client can now confidently carry out its mission of providing electricity to millions while prioritizing the well-being of its workforce. This successful partnership exemplifies the effectiveness of Visionify’s innovative computer vision solutions in enhancing workplace safety.