Applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Workplace

Artificial intelligence is making businesses smarter, better and faster by automating everyday tasks at the workplace. AI has the potential to transform organizations into data-driven, leaner, efficient businesses.

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AI Application in Workplace

Every workplace has a mix of tasks and has to finish on time to boost its bottom line every day. To be competitive on finishing tasks, companies started investing in AI to fix usual tasks, so it lessens project cost, saves time, and broadens their products and services. In this blog, we will take you to applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the workplace.

AI sales assistant

AI Sales Assistant

For every company, sales are vital, in today’s marketing plans, salesmen have to work with AI sales assistants. It’s a virtual assistant and chats bot, a tool for marketing teams to robotize sales. 

All sales assistants unify with Sales CRM software to process data. HubSpot Sales Hub, ZoomInfo, Clari, Dooly, best sales CRMs for companies. According to a report from The Insight Partners, it is shown that how AI Sales Assistant Software Analysis report shows the market impact and Growth by 2028.

Smart Suggestion Boxes

In the past, companies have had a suggestion box to get feedback. To skip this, AI apps are made with feedback forms that directly reach higher officials, and services are advanced. These apps give more benefits and best examples of artificial intelligence in the workplace.

AI customer services
Source: Google Workspace

AI Customer Service

Office assistants play a vital role in interacting with clients. If there are many, it’s not viable to interact. To avert this, companies built virtual assistants on websites, which can hold many clients at a time.

Virtual assistants are programmable, we can craft many questions and answers just like Quora. 

For example, if a patron is asking more questions, and if chatbot is unable to answer it. Then chatbot connects patrons to live chat, where executives will follow up the chat. In a recent market study from Martech Cube, virtual assistants will increase brand awareness.

Google Workspace

It’s a genius workspace from Google used by 5 million businesses, who changed the old work process to AI-Assisted works. Live example, billions of patrons storing more than 2 trillion files on Google Drive. Google Workplace (Formerly G Suite) enables users to use their domain, corporate credentials, and many. 

By that, the techie works seamlessly on their job. An empirical truth, using Google Workspace, can save 20 working days in a year. They get this benefit by using Machine Learning and AI tools from G Suite, to make their formal tasks faster. 

For Example, Google portable docs, accessed by many users. In Gmail, when we type, it gives AI responses, this helps in writing an email in a few minutes. All these AI features let a workplace finish many tasks.

Microsoft 365 for Workplace

It’s a productive app from Microsoft, live in all office workspaces. Completes our work, connects from anywhere. For example, Outlook’s email reader, an assistant Cortana reads all emails just like a pro and says fine points like sender details, subject and email sent time. 

Another example I mostly like, MS-Word Language Translations. Translates docs to 60 languages with Machine learning Algorithms. Resume assist, an AI tool, to craft creative resumes, gets suggestions from LinkedIn to apply all latest trends in crafting finest resumes for You.

Another example is My Analytics, for every Team Leader, a power packed AI, processes your work reports, tells how you use emails in office hours and meetings. Give suggestions to make every second productive. 

AI leadership insights, the best app from Office 365, alerts when you spend more time on remedial meetings, and tracks work meetings, completed and remaining with the work calendar. 

You can stay connected with office chats, calls, and meetings. Sharing docs in the cloud, interacting by office apps, connecting via calendar and emails. It also secures businesses from cyber threats, secure devices. Microsoft 365 is the best example of how Artificial Intelligence is changing the workplace. 

Smart HR Operations

smart HR operations

Every company looks for new talent when they build a new project. Sorting resumes is tedious, so companies have initiated AI tools. For example, job seekers send data by filling in fine points on AI forms. 

They use the same data in recruitment, background check, experience and add how much time job seekers spoked with a recruiter. One more benefit is HR can check employee referrals and find who is the best referral. I think smart HR operations are the future of Artificial Intelligence in the workplace.


Today AI is everywhere, having AI apps at the workplace increases productivity. It’s the best time for every industry to add AI work operations that easily join with existing apps.

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