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Why Inline Barcode Verification Solution is better than Offline Solution?

Why Inline Barcode Verification Solution is better than Offline Solution

Manufacturers use a barcode verifier solution to ensure that their barcodes will be readable by any barcode reader in manufacturing. A barcode verifier solution checks that barcode follows ISO rules for quality and readability. You can get a printable or exportable report for barcodes with grades, including a letter value. 

Barcodes that receive passing grades meet minimum specifications for performance and accuracy. A barcode verification solution is a basic form of quality control. Because it confirms that each code meets a specific industry standard rather than a standard set by a single manufacturer. This blog shows which barcode verifier solution best suits your manufacturing facility.

What is barcode verification?

Barcode verification is a way of checking barcodes to ensure their quality. It helps you verify barcodes and print certified barcode quality reports. 

Offline barcode verification solutions

Today most verifier solutions come in desktop or handheld varieties and are used outside of a production line. Most producers verify only a sample of codes in each batch to keep up with demand. A sampling standard is set based on producer and customer requirements.

The drawbacks of random sampling are that barcode quality problems aren’t always caught immediately. Codes that aren’t sampled can’t be evaluated with a diagnostic solution when issues occur. Offline verifier solutions are low cost and do not require much setup. Additionally offline barcode verifier solutions are popular because they are available for many different barcode sizes and marking processes.

Inline barcode verification solution

In past inline verification solutions have been too slow to operate at most line speeds. However new inline solutions can now verify barcodes at much higher rates than ever with computer vision cameras. Till now inline verifier solutions could only verify linear 1D barcodes. Verifying accuracy of barcodes is no small task, but visionify has developed image-based inline verifier solutions that can verify 2D, 3D codes, and 1D barcodes at much faster speeds.

To comply with ISO standards inline verifier solutions have to be designed to strike a specific light angle and distance from a barcode. In addition camera needs to be adjusted. The price of an inline verification solution may be greater than for an offline verification system. Still inline systems provide thorough quality control reports for each barcode. It means that errors are coded less frequently, and code areas with high read rates will see fewer problems. The solution sends you an email alert if barcode quality starts dropping.

How to choose an Inline verification solution?

Before selecting an inline or offline barcode verifier solution, answer a few questions about your barcode scanning needs.

1. How much space is left on a production line?

2. How fast can barcodes be captured?

3. What type of barcodes are you trying to verify?

4. How big are barcodes?

5. What safety standards should you follow?

What Now?

Do you have barcode read issues in your manufaturing facility? Have you seen how image-based inline verifier solution works? Visionify provides image-based barcode and labels checking solutions that meet your verification requirements. Chat with us to know how our solution can be integrated with your manufacturing facility.

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