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What is Barcode read rate and why it is important?

What is Barcode read rate and why it is important

Barcode reading is well established in manufacturing. Usually a barcode encodes the last five digits of an assembly’s stock-keeping unit (SKU). This allows manufacturers to track parts as they are combined into assemblies, as assemblies are combined into sub-assemblies, and eventually as finished products make their way out of a warehouse. In this blog you know about barcode read rate and why it is essential for your products.

The barcode reading in manufacturing finds barcode differences or barcode defects in production lines. The data from these inspections will be collected and analyzed to find any problems with barcode. This solution has been implemented successfully in many factories.

What is Barcode read rate?

A barcode read rate is a percentage of barcodes successfully read by a scanner. It’s usually expressed as a percentage and 100% is ideal. But why are read rates important in barcode reading applications? 

Why is it essential?

What’s are the challenges?


Visionify’s image-based barcode reading solutions are designed to achieve high read rates. we use cost-effective products to make our solution. Our solution can read entire barcodes in any orientation. It can read 2-dimensional symbologies such as QR codes. Laser-based barcode scanners provide only limited benefits to enterprises. In contrast, image-based reader solutions achieve higher read rates while also delivering superior performance.

What Now?

Do you have issues with barcode read rate in your manufacturing? We provide in-line barcode/label checking solutions to help you resolve barcode/label reading issues. Call us to eliminate your barcode errors and see how our solution can be combined with your production requirements. 

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