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Artificial Intelligence (AI) improves the efficiency of the workplaces and augments the work humans do. As in, AI vision enables humans to see, observe, and understand through computers. Computer vision trains these technical machines to perform such functions, but it has to perform it in less time utilizing cameras, data, and algorithms rather than optic nerves, retinas, and a visual cortex. 

Visionify provides robust, and enterprise-ready computer vision solutions that can scale with customer needs. These ready-to-use AI solutions by the company are amazingly admired and appreciated by the clients all across the world. The company is based in the United States and was established in 2016 as a specialized computer vision solutions provider to help companies become more efficient through AI vision-based technology transformation. 

Visionify is a trusted software development firm that offers Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Computer Vision solutions for the modern enterprises, where computer vision experts work with a full-stack and embedded IoT team to implement end-to-end solutions. The streamlined process of development includes utilizing pre-trained models, streamlined web-platforms for model training, review and deployment. 

Visionify company CEO, shares how they process multiple camera-feeds in near real-time, fine-tuned ML models for anomaly detections, and integrated alarms, notifications and corrective actions. “We detect product defects in real-time. From product bottling to meat-processing plants, our solutions range in a wide variety”.

Computer vision solutions provided at Visionify are not meant to be risky and expensive. You get excellent accuracy from the out-of-the-box people detection and tracking models that can fit into tiny devices like a Raspberry Pi and does not require any additional training. The company provides turn-key solutions for people tracking, counting, visitor heat-maps, and audience engagement. It covers accessing an analytics dashboard with usage metrics. Easy web-hooks and REST APIs are provided for integrations with your security and ERP systems. In fact, the company also provides expert professional services for custom integrations. 

The CEO further claims that the company excels in providing face recognition tools and badging facilities for security reasons. 100% API-based solutions for face recognition are integrated within your company’s employee badging system. Design privacy is assured and the solution is deployed on your organizational premises where you just get access to the employee images. This makes Visionify soon-to-rank among the top software development companies in the United States of America in the GoodFirms listings.

GoodFirms is among the leading review and rating service providers worldwide that helps businesses, and individual entrepreneurs to build connections and succeed in the global market. It appreciates the performance of Visionify at the global front and ensures that the company will prove its existence successfully.

The pre-built models from Visionify are offered for most of the common use-cases and these models are customizable to the environment to improve accuracy. A Pay-as-you-go plan is facilitated for low-risk engagement. The professional services from the team will help with building end-to-end solutions and model customizations. Industry specific pre-trained computer vision models and tools are offered by the company for Deep Text Extraction. Easy integration of AI-based document management solutions is facilitated to your organization with advanced APIs. Simple APIs are developed to parse invoices and get information on vendor, due-date, and payment amount. Logistics APIs to parse bill of lading, packing list, shipping order, etc and HIPAA compliant, on-prem solutions are provided for patient record digitization. 

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