Real-Time Suspicious Activity Detection

Highly trained Vision-AI models for suspicious activity detection

Visionify’s VisionAI solution can help with real-time, accurate, and proactive suspicious activity detection


Core Functionalities

Become lightning-fast and proactive in suspicious activity detection with our highly trained computer vision models

Unmatched accuracy

Unmatched accuracy

Trained and Tested to give the best results. Our AI systems detect PPE with an accuracy of 99%, minimizing false-positives and false-negatives

Lightning Fast Response Time

Lightning Fast Response Time

Ultra-fast Processing for real-time inference results and feedback (~30 frames per second processing) with custom telemetry, inference results

Custom Integrations

Custom Integrations

Our custom dashboards and real-time notification systems can be tailored to your needs, be it simple dashboards or complex ERP systems

Scalability and Instant Deployment

Our pre-trained/custom models can be deployed instantly and are camera independent. They can be pre-installed with existing cameras

Multiple channels for notifications

Employee Role-based notifications and alerts through different omni channels like emails, messages, custom alert systems, etc

Pre-Processing and Privacy by Design

Our Pre-processing enhances Image quality before further analysis While maintaining data privacy by blurring out faces and sensitive information

Suspicious Activity Detection for Firearm/Knife

The firearm Detection model identifies the presence of firearms and knives. Upon weapon identification, the system triggers alarms and notifies security personnel and authorities about the incident.

Suspicious Activity Detection for Loitering

Visionify’s Loitering Detection model generates alerts based on the movement of objects and persons. It can count loiters, detect line crossing, identify suspicions, resolve queues, etc.

Suspicious Activity Detection for Aggressive Behavior

Our analytics software detects sound patterns related to compulsion, anger, verbal aggression, or fear and alerts the security personnel so the physical or verbal aggression can be prevented.
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Suspicious Activity Detection for Solicitation

Identify solicitation activities that give undue advantage to other competitors. Our solicitation detection model integrated with your cameras can ensure minimal solicitation and distribution.

Suspicious Activity Detection for identifying Theft

Make your workplace or stores theft-proof by installing surveillance cameras equipped with smart sensors and connected with AI-analytics. Get real-time alerts in case of theft detection.
Vision AI camera detecting theft and reporting.

Suspicious Activity Detection for Vandalism

Identify people involved in workplace vandalism through our Vision-AI solution. Penalize workers/people involved, take suitable actions, and recover losses, based on available footage.

How it works

Enable always-on monitoring through your existing camera
infrastructure and have added peace of mind
Deploy an IoT Hub Service

Deploy an IoT Hub Service

In your Azure marketplace portal subscription, deploy the hub service or CV solution you’re looking for and fill in the required details; IoT hub name, Resource Group, and Azure subscription details.

Configure Operation Parameters

Configure Operation Parameters

Create and deploy the Azure Resource Manager (ARM) template (the interface for managing and organizing cloud resources), deployment manifest, zone configuration and install cameras.

Execute the Deployment

After the deployment manifest is complete, execute the deployment on the host computer. View the status of deployment in your Azure IoT hub instance in the portal.


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How do activity detection solutions work?

Activity recognition systems are trained on a vast data set for each scenario. Based on movement in a particular area or a specific manner, these ML-powered solutions are capable of notifying security staff of possible abnormalities, risks, suspicions, and violations.

How will you install any activity detection solution in my current infrastructure?

Our Azure web app lets you easily connect your surveillance camera and access activity detection scenarios as needed. We will deploy our code to your infrastructure with the help of the Azure Resource Manager template.

Does Visionify offer activity detection analytics?

With Visionify, it is easy to set up the defined area and predetermine what and how users receive alerts. As a result, you will get a detailed insight into various KPIs on your mobile app.

How will your solution interact with my existing camera?

Our ready-to-deploy models can be installed on your system with the help of ARM templates. After this, you can add and customize camera settings per the scenarios. Since our solution works with most consumer and commercial-grade cameras, you’ll likely not have difficulty using our services.

Which activity detection solutions do you offer currently?

At Visionify, we offer multiple solutions which find their application in several industries. Early fire detection, Leakage detection, Exclusion zone detection, Mobile phone detection, PPE detection, Slip and Fall detection, Smoking and vaping detection are some of the popular solutions organizations across industries implement.

What are the key components of your object detection solution?

Our object detection solution has three main components i.e., dual properties (object classification and localization), speed for real-time detection, and multiple spatial scales and aspect ratios.

Which object detection algorithms do you work with?

Our engineers work on various algorithms such as CNN, Yolo v5, Faster R-CNN, Mask-RCNN, Deepsort, etc.

Which tools or frameworks do you leverage to build your working model?

We used multiple tools and frameworks, including Pytorch, Yolov5, Tensorflow, and many more, as per the project requirement.