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OCR use-cases: User onboarding with driver license scanning


For Fintechs, insurance companies, and banks, one topic that appears commonly is digital transformation, which requires business processes to be reduced and qualified. Moreover, relationships with clients need to be modified and adapted, where applicable.

A growing number of processes that previously would have been carried out in person are now being completed remotely through websites or applications. To this end, automation has been widely rolled out for many markets and businesses. Some of the businesses that have been most affected by this include those in the insurance, telecommunications, and logistics fields.


The growing automation of business processes is making it harder for businesses to connect with their customers. Meanwhile, although the customer benefits from timesaving, the business itself can still face extensive lengths of time to verify photographic identification and the like. In fact, this can actually have serious negative consequences for the business; after all, your firm still needs to pay for office space and the like.


Implementing automatic user onboarding technologies can speed up the process of verifying your new users, while reducing your business costs and improving the overall user experience as a whole. We provide software solutions to help with this. Some key features of our software include the following:

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