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License Plate Recognition and Automated Toll – Case Study

license plate recognition


For the majority of logistics and transportation companies, highways are a crucial part of the journey – and these highways, many of which are privately owned, usually charge a toll for road maintenance. To this end, to help streamline the billing process, a growing number of highways are implementing hands-free payment solutions, including automated gates, cameras, and antennas.


The hands-free system benefits customers, but for the toll companies, it represents a significant difficulty. Indeed, customers can pass on or loan their license plates out to other vehicles; in turn, this can lead to fraud cases and customers misusing the hands-free tech to get discounts on their highway usage. 

As part of combatting this dilemma, many toll companies have been forced to create departments specifically to monitor the images of vehicles passing through tolls. This represents a high cost for the toll companies. Naturally, in turn, these costs are also then passed on to honest highway users, leading to individuals and honest companies having to pay unfairly more for their tolls.


Avoiding fraud is an important goal for toll companies, and to this end, our software solution could be the ideal option to consider. Some of the notable features of our system include the following points:

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