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How to Lower risk of Food Recalls with Foreign Body Detection?

foreign bodies in crushed candy manufacturing

Commitment to safety is arguably the most critical point that can make or break a brand, especially when it comes to the food industry. For food manufacturing companies, having trust in their consumers is a great asset. Even the slightest errors in a production line can cause a product recall, which negatively impacts the brand’s image and future purchases.

 In addition to heavy financial losses, product recalls cost companies their loyal customer base and company’s reputation and lead to legal actions. The average cost of a product recall is $10 million.

Therefore it is imperative for manufacturers to have a methodology and technology to prevent contamination of foreign bodies in their products and subsequently reduce the likelihood of product recalls. Foreign body examples include masks/hairnets, metal pieces, cardboard, and plastic pieces.

How to prevent food contamination?

Food contamination can occur at various points of the food supply chain. The first and foremost step towards preventing foreign bodies from entering your facility is to ensure your manufacturing facilities are clean and meet the mandates and standards. 

But even with the most systematic and well-kept facilities, brands struggle to keep out foreign objects out of their product lines. As a result companies go for perfect foreign object detection solutions for detecting unwanted material in their food supply chains. 

Having a solid defense mechanism

Companies should have multiple defense mechanisms to deal with food safety. For example early detection of contaminants can save equipment and product damage and make it easier to identify the source of contamination. 

Another defense in food processing would be to have an early warning system that notifies the manufacturer when there are issues with the product. This allows the manufacturers to correct the fault without the loss of production time.

A final contamination inspection is required at the end of the packaging process. This process ultimately proves that the manufacturer is taking all possible measures to ensure their products are safe for consumers.

Choosing the right solution

When a company determines the type of contaminants present in its products, the weaknesses in its food processing, and which lines of defense it should put into place, then it can make use of a computer vision-powered detection technology to safeguard itself.

Foreign object detection solutions can detect metallic and non-metallic foreign objects of multiple or identical colors. This solution can also differentiate between foreign bodies and food substances of the same color.

This solution can be customized for any food production line with different belt speeds. Foreign object detection solutions help achieve debris less food production in less time and an increase in production efficiency.

A company can meet its regulatory and consumer requirements by following these steps.

What are you looking for?

Do you have foreign object issues in your food processing? We are pleased to help you solve those problems in a few days. You can chat with our team to get a demo of our Foreign Body Detection solution and how you can incorporate it into your production process to achieve the best results.

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