How to Detect PPE usage and improve Workplace Safety with Vision AI

Detect PPE Usage

In today’s rapidly evolving industrial landscape, the need for advanced safety protocols is paramount. As the complexities of safety regulations continue to increase, the need for smart, automated solutions is becoming critically important. Talking about creating safer work environments, one key component that helps minimize exposure to workplace hazards and injuries is Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). In this blog, we discuss why and how to Detect PPE usage at the workplace with the help of Vision AI. But first, let’s understand the importance of PPE and its usage.

Common PPE and their usage

Hard hats, gloves, goggles, and protective footwearPrevents injuries in warehouses and other worksites. 
Ear coveringsFor loud workplaces like factories and construction sites. 
Safety VestsFor employee identification and proper visibility of workers in low light conditions/when working near moving vehicles.
Respiratory protection gearFor protection of human airways and lungs from irritating and potentially hazardous airborne particles.
Hairnets and glovesFor maintaining hygiene regulations, keeping products free from contaminants

According to Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), the proper use of PPE can prevent 37.6% of occupational injuries and diseases. To put things into perspective, the International Labor Organization (ILO) estimates there are around 340 million cases of occupational accidents and 160 million cases of work-related illnesses in the world annually.

But despite its life-saving capabilities, non-compliance with PPE continues to be a widespread safety violation in the workplace.

The employer must not only furnish adequate PPE to their workers but also ensure that all individuals comply with PPE regulations and wear it correctly.

While providing safety gear might be straightforward, consistently ensuring that each person is outfitted with all essential PPE components can be challenging. Therefore, workplaces must have a robust mechanism to guarantee compliance with PPE guidelines at all times. But how can this be achieved?

The Answer: Vision AI for PPE Detection

By leveraging the power of Vision AI, you can Detect PPE usage in real-time, monitor non-compliance, and trigger instant alert notifications. Vision AI models can seamlessly augment your existing infrastructure, and integrate with your current cameras and sensors, allowing for easy and efficient deployment at your workplace.

Vision AI-powered PPE detection enables easy identification of non-compliance, such as workers not wearing the required PPE. Upon detection of non-compliance, these fully-automated systems can raise alerts and immediately notify safety managers and supervisors.

Visionify’s PPE Detection offers:

  • AI-based real-time detection and instant alerts
  • Scans every frame to ensure there’s zero PPE negligence
  • Customizable: Our solution is customizable to suit your needs.
  • Historical learning that offers analytical data, unsafe trends, and hotspots
  • Instant Deployment with Ready-to-use AI Models

How do our models work?

The fundamental idea is centered around training Deep Learning algorithms, specifically those for object detection, to recognize and isolate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) from other objects in a given frame.

Similarly, our Vision AI models are trained with thousands of images taken under different conditions with real-world intricacies to ensure high levels of accuracy. Once tested and deployed, these models scan every single frame of a live video feed to detect instances of missing or incorrectly used PPE, ensuring no room for non-compliance and ultimately eliminating occupational hazards and serious injuries.

Instant Deployment with Ready-to-use AI Models

Visionify’s PPE Detection model stands out with its ‘Ready-to-Use’ feature, offering instant utility right after deployment. Visionify’s PPE Detection model is one of the many powerful solutions included in our comprehensive Toolkit for Workplace Safety and Compliance.

This Toolkit features over 60 Vision AI apps specifically designed to cater to a wide range of workplace scenarios, all aiming to create a safer work environment and prevent accidents.

From detecting potential hazards and suspicious activities to ensuring worker safety, these apps provide a comprehensive suite for improving workplace safety and compliance.

Easy installation from Azure Marketplace

Available on Azure Marketplace, our Vision AI package can be supported on cloud, edge, and self-hosted environments. In addition, our product is designed to prioritize seamless integration into client infrastructures where alert notifications can be easily enabled through our web app without any need for additional training.

The simplification of the procurement process for these highly accurate models ensures a streamlined user experience by allowing workplaces around the world to add our Vision AI apps to their Azure resources effortlessly with just a single click installation.

So if you are looking to Detect PPE usage and enhance workplace safety, we’ve got you covered. Click here to know more about us and discover our other apps.