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How Label Inspection Solutions Can Benefit Food Industry?

How Label Inspection Solutions Can Benefit Food Industry

What if a customer see your product without any label? The customer will look for other alternatives that have a clear label. The main issue with no labels is that you can’t brand or market your product. So never forget to give your products right identification by putting a good label on them. To overcome labeling errors, we have a label inspection solution. This blog shows how label inspection solutions can benefit food industry.

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What is a label inspection?

Label inspection is a process to check whether each product has a proper label. Each product is scanned with a barcode data is collected by machine and stored in a database. For label inspection it’s recommended to use label inspection solution. In this way labels of each product can be checked automatically along production pipeline before they reach consumers.

Having a properly sealed package is critical integrity of your product. Unfortunately high speeds often lead to products leaving line with missing labels, crooked labels, or poorly sealed packages. To produce the best quality product these issues must be addressed and monitored.

Label inspection is a highly valuable solution for product quality assurance. It is a task that must be performed on each product. A label contains essential product information and is also an indicator of print quality and registration. If you are transporting and labeling products. Label inspection will help to ensure that your production line is running smoothly and your product labels are up to the mark. These 3 ways to apply computer vision to food manufacturing companies will also help you a lot.

What happens if a label is missed?

It is essential to have your product labeled correctly. Incorrect labels can lead to lawsuits, product recalls, and lost customers. Products that are missing labels or contain incorrect labels cannot be sold to consumers until label is fixed.

Label errors can be made in format, expiration date placements and more. For safer products it’s necessary to inspect them. Labels can often be overlooked when conducting quality inspections. If you can detect label issues early, you can avoid costly errors down the line.

Below are ways that label inspection solutions benefit food industry.

Double label check

The inspection of products for double labels ensures that each label has been read correctly and has only one label. This inspection will help you avoid problems before shipment reaches your clients in today’s dynamic business environment.

Fold label check

If labels are being applied at high speed, they must ensure that they remain secure. If not label may tear or come off entirely during transit. Or a label can come off of a package if it is poorly applied or if adhesive loses adhesion over time. These errors can be detected by a fold label check before products leave your facility. We suggest you use a label checking solution regularly during your production cycle.

Skewed label check

Labels tell a customer a lot of things about a product. Many stores will not accept a product if labels are not appropriately positioned, making product scanning easier. Checking improper labels is a costly and time-consuming process for vendors, manufacturers, and stores alike. Thankfully, it isn’t difficult to apply skewed label checks at your manufacturing facility to detect skewed labels. Properly positioning your product labels ensures that they can be easily scanned by a sales representative and let customers know more about a product.

Label pair check

Nutrition labels are first place most of us turn to find out what’s in our food. But unfortunately, some of your products’ front and back labels look designed separately. They’re not exactly same size, and coloring of two sides doesn’t match exactly. This happens due to a miss-match of labels on products. Sorting out miss-match label products has never been easier than using a label inspection system that detects labels are matched or not. And helps sort them out to ensure that all labels have properly adhered to correct product.

Label present check

A product with a clear label is more trusted. A good, clear label also prevents unpleasant surprises, such as containers with no labels. To solve this pain point label present check detects product has an appropriate label on it or not. If no label is attached to a product, it is diverted to the reject mechanism.


Food safety is main reason for label inspection because food has to be assured to customers. The food labels must ensure that food served to customers is safe to use. Label inspection is vital to help consumers make right choices regarding what they eat. Labels can also be very useful in helping a company broadly or specifically identify any potential problems with their products to address them before they become a serious issue.

At visionify we believe that applying computer vision solutions can provide solutions for many manufacturing issues. Like foreign object detection, label checking, and out-of-stock issues. With our solution you can increase your productivity and decrease product recalls. Call us to get a demo we will help you to solve your pain points.

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