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How does Label Checker Solution look for presence of a use-by date?

How does Label Checker Solution look for presence of a use-by date

Using use-by-date is essential for organic foods manufacturers so that every family can eat unexpired food. Without use-by-date, we have no idea if food is fresh or expired. We only buy organic foods using dates and be sure to consume them before those dates pass.

Manufacturers in organic food industry are very concerned about quality control. So to guarantee that products that carry ‘use-by’ dates won’t be sold after their expiration date. In this blog you will get an easy solution for checking use-by date of your products and whether they are present. 

Grand view research says global 2D barcode reader market is projected to reach USD 6.79 billion in 2020 and grow at an estimated CAGR of 6.7% from 2021 to 2028.

source: grand view research

What is a Label/Barcode checker solution?

Label Checker is a multifunctional, easy-to-use compact quality control system designed to help perform multiple label inspections. Label/barcode Checker ensures that your labels have the highest quality possible.

What’s your challenge?

To properly check use-by dates on organic food packages. Many people believe that there is an exact date for expiration of foods because of use-by date.

What’s the solution you should have?

To ensure a use-by date on packaging you need to install a compact quality control solution. This is an instance of how industrial image processing makes production activities more efficient and profitable. Visionify provides 2D and 3D vision label checking solutions customized to meet your requirements. 

For many years organic products have been on market. Oilseeds, grain, and rice are their main products to refine, package, and sell. A wide range of products are manufactured and sold with a use-by date. Many companies’ personnel are looking for a compatible vision solution to ensure that each box has a label with use-by-date. The visionify label checking is an unrivaled solution for organic food manufacturers. It provides best ways to prevent No Reads With Barcode Testing

Commissioning made easy

The Label checker solution from visionify uses optical character recognition to scan barcodes using dates, making it easy to locate and identify labels. Ease of use was vital in customer’s decision. Many clients say they need a camera system that can be programmed independently and quickly. That’s what visionify does with its label checker solution. You can easily install and configure camera with a web-based user interface.

The process of commissioning our solution was less effort for our clients. The interface is easy to understand not just because of its simplicity but also helpful features. Labels checker solution is easy to use and demonstrated to new employees in a short time even including instruction on user-defined fonts.

What now?

Do you have use-by-date label issues in your food manufacturing, resolve it with our label checking solutions. It is different from other solutions because we specialize in detecting many labels (use-by date, skewed, fold, wrinkle labels). This solution is easy to identify any errors in your product labels and ensure that your products are always fresh and tasty.

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