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How AI drone delivery services are transforming the package delivery industry?

What if a drone flight lands in your garden and delivers a product you booked online and takes off in seconds. Do you know how this happens? A drone in sky revolutionizes shopping for groceries and receiving medicines. While many people are doubtful experts believe that the adoption of drones also known as unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), will become more common in the future. This blog will explain how AI drone services are transforming package industry.

What is drone delivery?

Drone delivery is employing unmanned aerial vehicles to deliver packages. It’s a big step forward in online shopping. This invention has saved a lot of money and significantly reduced pollution in logistics. The eCommerce giant, Amazon is planning to use drone delivery in near future. Shortly people will be able to purchase items online and have them delivered right to their doorstep in minimal time via drones.

Significance of Drone Delivery 

In 2020, the drone logistics and transportation industry was reported to be of worth US$ 8.7 billion and is predicted to grow upto US$ 59.52 billion by 2030 says precedence research.

Source: Precedence research

With advancements in artificial intelligence drones are now employed in managing and transporting logistics to reach their destination. Many companies across globe implement drone delivery with their production systems. We can see drones in everyday operations like crop inspection, agriculture, land survey reports, and mining operations. These features are estimated to take the drone logistics and transportation market to new heights.

The delivery services from drones are cost-effective and time-saving. It works with an accurate locating program to reach correct destination making delivering packages even faster. By 2025 unmanned aircraft could produce $82 billion in economic growth and 100,000 jobs.

Growth factors of drone delivery

Source: precedence research

Drones find their applications in distinct sectors like distribution facilities, manufacturing, warehousing etc. For instance, in warehousing, drones monitor inventory and transport small items. Therefore, reducing use of conveyor systems and forklifts which makes them cost-effective. These profitable features of drone delivery makes them likely to supercharge transportation market and drone logistics.

The current pandemic situation of  covid-19 has given new pathways to drone industry. It is being used to monitor pandemic regulations like monitoring social distancing. Drones are also being used for activities that decrease physical contact and increase social distancing like delivering medicines on time and monitoring temperatures on many facilities. One of the key features that increase expansion of the drone logistics and transportation market is how drones perform throughout their activities.

More interestingly logistics and food delivery companies develop AI technologies that deploy drones in delivery services. So this is the factor we have to focus on increasing the drone market.

Why is drone delivery cost-effective for package industry?

Deutsche bank says integrating drones and robots for delivery can save 80% cost savings in the last mile. Let’s consider delivering a shoebox from a premium courier like fedEx UPS. It will cost you around $6 to $6.50 whereas USPS costs about 2$. Can you expect how it costs with drone delivery it is less than $0.05$ per mile? With drone delivery package shipping will be faster and more cost-effective.

What is Amazon Prime Air?

It’s the drone delivery system of the future, designed by amazon. With this technology customers can safely get their packages up to 5 pounds in 30 minutes or less.

Amazon obtained 135 Air carrier certificates from US federal aviation administration in august 2020. This certification is a significant step forward towards prime air. In addition it proves FAA trusts in Amazon’s operations and safety standards for an unmanned drone delivery service.


The advancement of drone delivery services has revolutionized the package delivery industry; boosting efficiency and effectiveness for various users like online retailers, businesses, hospitals, and more. These unmanned aerial vehicles enable a fast delivery to users but with their ability to carry heavy packages they provide a better alternative to manned delivery.

Artificial Intelligence has opened a new series of opportunities for the transportation industry. New AI technologies in the field have been directly beneficial to drone delivery services and users. Visionify provides Vision AI Solutions in security, retail, and manufacturing industries, etc. We helped our clients in solving their problems in real-time and to increase efficiency and productivity. Call us to get a live demo

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