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Five Most Valuable Books for Today’s Employees

Five Most Valuable Books for Today's Employees

There is nothing more productive than reading a book that makes you grow intellectually or emotionally. Whether you’re looking for inspiration, a new perspective, or the next great novel. In this blog we have the books to find just what you’re looking for in just a click.

Patrick Lencioni’s five dysfunctions of a team

This book explains why top teams are unique. It offers practical ideas for removing the hurdles that bring to ineffective teams. The work of Lencioni lays out origins of team dysfunction or what to do to address each and every one.

Five dysfunctions are:

  1. Absence of Trust
  2. Fear of Conflict
  3. Lack of Commitment.
  4. Avoidance of Accountability
  5. Inattention to results.

source: slideshare

Your staff will be aware of the five hurdles that teams face as they collaborate to improve working partnerships. Worksheets are also included in the book to help you plan book club. It is important to take some time off every day to relax and unwind, these 7 scientifically proven ways to unwind post work will help you a lot.

Radical candor by kim scott

source: sebastienphlix

Kim scott a competent silicon valley manager who transformed into an entrepreneur with her own company dedicated to spreading concept of candor, wrote the book radical candor. It’s a book about a journey and being a great boss. She opens by considering multiple ways of engaging and providing feedback. She has created a simple visual matrix to help her understand various types. And she plots them on two dimensions: 1) personal care (how you care about relationship) and 2) direct challenge (telling other people when their job is good or bad).

What’s the book is about?

1. Defining Management.

2. What is Radical Candor?

3. Rethinking Talent.

4. Driving Performance.

Radical candor requires being radically honest without being a jerk. It is about giving us tools to work well together by respectfully encouraging them to share their thoughts, feelings, and ideas.

Don miguel ruiz and janet mills four agreements 

Don miguel ruiz and janet mills wrote the four agreements to share their own personal experiences. Relating to four fundamental principles that can help you succeed in any workplace. The book will help you because wisdom can only be learned from experience. And of course right kind of passion is necessary for workplace.

In this book don miguel ruiz offers a robust code of conduct that transforms our lives into a new practice of freedom and happiness.

The four agreements can be worked as a personal standard by your employees to hold each other accountable to a respectful and productive workplace.

Essentialism by greg mckeown

There are four parts to book. Part one outlines an essentialist’s core mindset, freedom to embrace constraints. While other three parts turn that mindset into a systematic process for taking action.

Essentialism is a philosophy that you can make your highest contributions towards things that really matter. Only When you allow yourself to quit trying to do everything and instead say yes to everyone.

The book is for two types of people: essentialists and non-essentialists.

The way of essentialist is to focus on doing less but better, reject idea. More is always better, engage in difficult trade-offs, and carefully consider decisions. This involves an emphasis on living by design rather than default.

An essentialist is aware of noise in life and knows that only a few things are essential. When essentialists feel out of control, they remember to pause and ask themselves, “Am I spending my time on right activities?”

Hug your haters by jay baer

In this book, Jay Baer shows how you can turn your grumpy customers into raving fans.

Here are three big takeaways from Hug your haters:

  1. If someone is willing to take time to speak up about their concerns, chances are they’ll stick around.
  2. Use criticism to improve myself.
  3. Respond to your online reviews.

This book conveys that you might copy your competitors’ pricing, products, and marketing strategies. But your customer service is unique, so be personable and proactive and you can rise above the rest.


Our blog is an initiative to put books in hands of everyone that would be worthwhile. Books are so essential for us that reading is an excellent way to enrich our culture and improve our knowledge.

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