Factory Vision Solutions

Factory Vision Solutions

Detect anomalies on objects passing through factory belt.
Models are customizable for your factory needs.

Factory Vision Solutions


Lightening Fast Response Time

Real-time inference results and feedback (~30 frames per second processing).
Our models are optimized to run on the edge, and our embedded software experts can help build integrations with your factory needs.

Bottles, boxes, groceries

We support processing many different types of products. Our Factory Vision solution has been deployed from large poultry processing plants to craft beer bottling plants.

Embedded Integrations

Our team has significant expertise in Embedded system and RTOS development. We can build custom integrations to ring alarms, move machine arms, separate exception objects on different belts etc.

Pose Detection

Our NVIDIA optimized pose-detection models can identify a sequence of necessary actions that employees are supposed to perform for assembly. This can build automated safety and compliance procedures customized for your operations.

Quick Pilots

With our pre-built models, inference engines, and extensible architecture for customized integrations, we can build complete working PILOT solutions with in 4-6 weeks.

Platform Agnostic

Our edge solutions, models, inference framwork and integration are completely Dockerized and are cloud-agnostic. We have deployed solutions with all three major cloud providers: Azure, AWS and GCP.


Visionify team helped build pilot solution and models for us using both visible and IR cameras. The pilot process was quick and insights this system is generating is invaluable. We ore quickly expanding this solution to the rest of the organization.
Dustin Dickinson
Pilgrim's Inc


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