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Debris Detection in Food – Case Study

Debris Detection in food

One of the biggest problems that manufacturers face is the presence of unwanted and foreign objects in their production lines. This problem becomes even more challenging when food products are involved in the making. There are legal mandates and product standards that manufacturers need to adhere to, especially in the sphere of consumables like food and beverages.

Foreign objects in food products present imminent risks to the consumer, and therefore it is mandatory to eliminate all foreign objects from an assembly line.

Even with the presence of innovative high-tech tools that aid in production, most food manufacturing, and packaging factories lack the appropriate tools required to detect unwanted particles in consumables.

The Client

An established manufacturer of branded and non-branded candies, cookies, baked goods, and other toppings was struggling with the process of debris detection and removal. This manufacturer has their own product lines and tie-ups with third-party retailers. Some of their well-known products included sweet toppings for ice cream parlors, bakeries, and confectionery stores. 

The Challenge

The presence of nuts, bolts, hairnets, gloves and other foreign objects in their production lines was a long-standing problem. The minuscule size of these objects had made manual detection impossible.

The solution to their long-standing problem was an augmented process that would automatically detect debris of all kinds and trigger a removal response to successfully separate these foreign objects from the rest of the production line.

Visonify provides the answer brings years of computer vision experience, providing augmented solutions that help manufacturers overcome production line challenges like these. With the implementation of Industry 4.0 tools, helps these manufacturers augment human supervision. These tools are programmed to detect anomalies continually while re-learning new definitions of unwanted objects to detect new changes.

The Partnership

Visionify partnered with the above-mentioned manufacturer and provided them with cutting-edge computer vision tools to detect unwanted objects. For this, AI-powered vision and infrared cameras were installed. These intelligent cameras were programmed to detect foreign bodies in the production line. The detection mechanism was programmed to distinguish unwanted debris from candy mix, toppings, and other consumables, triggering a response that would initiate the removal of these objects.

What was addressed first, and why? 

First, we addressed the moving debris present on the crushed-candy conveyor belts, which was impossible to detect manually because sometimes debris and food are of the same color. Then, we integrated an AI-powered vision and infrared camera that helped detect foreign objects mixed with crushed candies. The detection helped remove unwanted objects from crushed candy mix, which resulted in prevention of product recalls while marginally increasing value of production.

Client feedback

The manufacturer that partnered with us was able to save a considerable amount of time, increase production value and quality, reduce costs and product recalls, as a result, they have highly acclaimed our services. They rate us strongly and are delighted with our outstanding results and cost-effective solutions.

What are you waiting for?

Are you facing food debris issues on your production lines? Get a demo on how you can solve this issue with a successful In-line AI foreign body detection solution. Get in touch with us to get more information on how our solution can be deployed on your production line to detect unwanted objects.

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