How to achieve Direct Part Mark Code Quality?

Direct part marking can be achieved via laser or chemical etching, dot peening, or inkjet printing. DPM codes are used in a wide range of industries like automotive, aerospace, electronics, and medical devices because they help identify the materials used to make a part

Why Inline Barcode Verification Solution is better than Offline Solution?

barcode verification system

Barcode verification is a way of checking barcodes to ensure their quality. It helps you verify barcodes and print certified barcode quality reports. anufacturers use a barcode verifier solution to ensure that their barcodes will be readable by any barcode reader in supply chain. A barcode verifier solution checks that barcode follows ISO rules for quality and readability. You can get a printable or exportable report for barcodes with grades, including a letter value.  

What are the challenges of On-Shelf Availability and how they are solved?

on shell availability

On-Shelf Availability is an essential tool for helping retailers create an enjoyable in-store experience. The number of products available for purchase by customers in a saleable condition is OSA. Reliable OSA helps retailers maintain trust of their customers, and that’s a significant competitive advantage. Both retailers and manufacturers benefit from using On-Shelf Availability, which can help promote sales. Although it remains an important issue for both retailers and CPGs.

How Out of Stock Solution Transforms Retail Stores?

out of stock solution

The out-of-stock solution works to balance stock levels (amount of a product kept in storage) with customer demand. This blog post shows how retailers can lower their Out of stock (OOS) rates by using computer vision and machine learning. You’ll learn how technology works and see some of its applications and benefits.

Top 4 ways to solve inventory management challenges


Managing costs and buyer needs are tricky but it’s not impossible. To make sure that your inventory is in sync you need to address primary problem of tracking quantities of supply and demand at e-commerce stores. It can be challenging for traditional inventory management systems to keep track of a product’s more extensive network. In this blog you can thoroughly view how to solve your inventory challenges quickly.