Charting a Safe Course in the Oil and Gas Industries with vision AI Apps for  Workplace Safety

industrial revolution

In Oil and gas, an industry characterized by intricate and hazardous operations, the battle against safety risks is ongoing and formidable. Fires, exposure to toxic gasses, malfunctioning equipment, and various environmental perils are ever-present threats endangering personnel and the natural world. These industries operate under severe conditions, necessitating adherence to stringent safety regulations and adopting … Read more

How to Detect PPE usage and improve Workplace Safety with Vision AI

Detect PPE Usage

In today’s rapidly evolving industrial landscape, the need for advanced safety protocols is paramount. As the complexities of safety regulations continue to increase, the need for smart, automated solutions is becoming critically important. Talking about creating safer work environments, one key component that helps minimize exposure to workplace hazards and injuries is Personal Protective Equipment … Read more

Everything you need to know about AI Neural Networks

Everything you need to know about AI Neural Networks

What are Artificial Neural Networks (CNN)? Do they actually do something useful or are they just confusing? What is actual difference between Feed Forward and Recurrent Neural Networks (RNN)? How do they work? What are the differences between different types of layers? Let’s look at the types of layers, learning objectives, and results.

Label detection on bottles using Machine Vision tools-Case Study

Labeling is important in the food and beverage industry because consumers aren’t going to buy a product if the label isn’t present and legible. Companies can lose money on a bad batch of labels and have no way of knowing what went wrong. At, we helped our client solve this problem by using Labeling Dtechnology to detect if mislabeled bottles were produced. We took a process normally reserved for commercial printers, scaled it down, and created an economical solution for them.

How to detect Defective labels on your products?

detect defective labels on products

Product labels create a product’s first impression. This is where consumers determine the look, feel, and taste of a product. Food and beverage labels usually contain origin, date and expiry, amount or volume, and class. To leverage product-specific data to improve supply chain management and prevent food fraud at points of sale, these labels must be recognized automatically.