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Label detection on bottles using Machine Vision tools-Case Study

Labeling is important in the food and beverage industry because consumers aren’t going to buy a product if the label isn’t present and legible. Companies can lose money on a bad batch of labels and have no way of knowing what went wrong. At, we helped our client solve this problem by using Labeling Dtechnology to detect if mislabeled bottles were produced. We took a process normally reserved for commercial printers, scaled it down, and created an economical solution for them.

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transport of freshly harvested apples in a food factory for sale

How to Prevent Foreign Objects in Food?

Food contamination is one of the most significant issues of the modern world, with polluted water, degraded soil, and unsafe manufacturing practices being the biggest threats to food safety. While the world struggles to improve water and soil quality, food safety practices throughout the production and supply chain stages can significantly improve the quality of food safety.

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