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Automatic Facial Recognition Support – Case Study

Automatic Facial Recognition Support – Case Study


Facial recognition technology is being used increasingly regularly, and this is not least within the access control market – a highly competitive field that’s rapidly investing in new technology development to increase efficacy and reduce costs. In addition, stored identity information is used to authenticate access to premises, making facial recognition a valuable alternative to other security solutions.


Security is essential for commercial and residential properties and premises alike and provides residents and staff with peace of mind when adequately implemented. Unfortunately, security systems such as badges, keys, and the like cannot offer a fully secure system, owing to the potential for these to be stolen and used by those who are not supposed to have access to them. This security challenge hence requires a novel solution to provide complete confidence and security.


Our facial recognition technologies are ideal alternatives to traditional security systems such as keys, pass cards, and badges. In turn, this provides a system that cannot simply be fooled by fraudulently accessing security documents. Our system stores facial recognition data and saves images, dates, times, and names every time an individual is recorded. In turn, this provides visitor data in generous quantities, and this data can be helpful in numerous aspects of business management such as enrolment, staff counting, and the like. Meanwhile, the system also highlights potential security concerns such as unknown visitors, alarm triggering, and the like.

Best of all, you can implement every feature we’ve listed above as part of our facial recognition technology easily and rapidly for your existing control hardware and systems. They’re easy to run, don’t require heavy power loads, and are highly effective solutions.

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