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A Complete Guide to Unauthorized Person Detection with Computer Vision

A Complete Guide to Unauthorized Person Detection with Computer Vision

Businesses that need to protect the safety of their employees and clients’ equipment must ensure that unauthorized personnel can never enter. Or that has locations that keep valuable assets or store data for a company. Human security guards can be trusted, but they are also human and prone to mistakes. They aren’t available all the time. They can only be seen in one place at a time. So they are as susceptible to human error as the rest of us.

Our computer vision solution makes it easy for you to monitor your home or office and detect people who shouldn’t be there. And, since computer vision models can run 24/7, you can be more efficient in monitoring your business.

Grand view research says, global facial recognition market was valued at $3.86 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 15.4% from 2021 to 2028.

Source : Grand View Research

You can use computer vision in multiple ways to protect security of your company, people, and others:

Below are ways to detect an Unauthorized person with computer vision

Facial Authentication

  • Facial authentication can help keep only authorized personnel in secure areas.
  • Computer vision models for facial authentication can verify a person’s identity with almost perfect accuracy in less than a second. To protect privacy, the model stores mathematical hashes instead of images.

Vehicle Identification

Suppose you see someone using unauthorized vehicles to enter restricted areas. You can use computer vision to read a vehicle’s license plate and identify its brand, model, and color.

Motion Detection

In some situations we may need to monitor remote or restricted areas, such as mines or parks. A computer vision model can secure the area by using motion detection to detect unauthorized individuals and vehicles.

Choosing the Right Object Detection Approach

When learning about computer vision, it’s easy to get confused by all tech terms. Object detection is a huge part of computer vision, and image classification is a significant subset of object detection. However these two are often confused with one another. The primary difference between classification and detection is:

Objection Detection: It can show you the location of things within an image.

Image Classification: It can predict what sort of image you are most likely to click on based on an analysis of contents.

How People-Detection and Tracking Can Help Your Business

Imagine how your business would benefit if it could take advantage of CV-enabled edge solutions. You need to create a foundation and get feedback to make your goal happen. We’ll put you in place to succeed with those solutions.

What next?

Are you facing issues with unauthorized persons in your company or manufacturing facility? Visionify’s People Detection and Tracking solution will detect an unknown person in a fraction of seconds and alert you, so your company will be safe all time with our security solution. call our tech team to get a demo of our solution.

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