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8 Reasons to Choose Image Based Barcode Solution

8 reasons to choose image-based barcode solution

As technology advances image-based barcode solutions have changed the way many industries manage information, making it easier and more efficient to track inventory and conduct business. Many companies find cost of switching from laser scanners to image-based barcode solutions too high. There are several benefits to using an image-based barcode solutions compared with a laser scanner, including lower cost.

Technavio says the digital packaging and labeling market is expected to grow by USD 17.26 billion between 2021 and 2026

source: PRNewswire

Laser scanners are not as advanced as other surveying technologies, but they still have some operational advantages. Laser scanners can be used without image processors. They scan up to 1,300 times per second. Finally because lasers are non-divergent, you can read 1D barcodes from afar with the help of special lenses.

However there are 8 reasons you may consider choosing an image-based barcode solution over a laser scanner. They include:

1. Ownership costs

2. Communications.

3. Barcode quality reports.

4. Visualization of Images.

5. lights and lenses.

6. Reading 2D Codes

7. Omnidirectional code reading.

8. Read rate speed.

Here you can see every reason in detail.

1. Ownership costs

The time to develop a product is during design phase, not after product has gone into production. Image barcode solutions offer potential customers increased reliability and reduced costs over time. Additionally it provide a firmware update program that offers our customers a competitive edge when launching new products quickly by providing them with a turnkey solution rather than one that requires expensive and time-consuming integration efforts.

2. Communications

Finding a suitable image-based scanner to bring integrated reading capability to an industrial operation can be challenging. However a new generation of industrial scanners and software easily meets this challenge, offering high-performance data collection with simple integration and intuitive use. 

Today image barcode solution make that integration easier with support for major industrial communication protocols and popular production software packages templates.

3. Barcode quality reports.

The quality reporting option provides an easy-to-use interface for users to evaluate and comment on quality of barcode images captured by solution. Companies collect this data to help understand issues they are having in capturing barcode images and help them get better at fixing those issues faster.

4. Visualization of Images

In manufacturing process sometimes image barcode reader stops working. The reading process was documented with a camera. As a result we had megabytes of images on a shared drive. We need to analyze images and make changes to improve barcode reading process.

5. lights and Lenses

Customizable autofocus and LED lighting options offer flexibility for various image barcode reading applications. The user-friendly control interface gives you freedom to configure all aspects of barcode reading.

Autofocus and lighting are two of most overlooked elements in barcode reading. Unfortunately when your product is scanning in good conditions, it is easy to ignore importance of autofocus and lighting options. This note aims to help you see why having these features available improves your application.

6. Reading 2D Codes

The 2D code reading module allows users to capture product attributes, part numbers, and other information using 2D codes. Finding Labeling Errors is Now Easy with Automated Visual Inspection

7. Omnidirectional code reading

Omnidirectional reading is a nice thing to have in a barcode scanner. It means you don’t have to be so careful about holding barcode up to reader. You can just drop it on a desk and have it work.

8. Read rate speed

Many factors affect code readability, including barcode quality and damage. Industrial scan reader devices are engineered with advanced digital image processing algorithms, enabling them to read codes that aren’t readable with traditional scanner devices.

Read rates and engineered performance at challenging angles matter in our customers’ applications. That is why we remain focused on increasing read rates on our existing portfolio while investing resources into developing new technologies.

These are best reasons to choose a system based on an image-based barcode solution. Whatever your specific requirements, you should be able to find a suitable solution here to meet them. And great news is that you have plenty of options to choose from!

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