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7 company amenities that boost employee happiness

company amenities

Amenities are a great way to keep employees happy and productive. These amenities help employees do their work efficiently and make their life easier. Offering good company amenities to workers is one of the best methods to attract talent and keep employees satisfied at work. Here are some examples of company amenities:

1.Paid vacation time

Your employees are valuable assets you have. A company that is multiplying has to offer its employees paid vacation time. Although this sounds inconsistent, there needs to be a long-term strategy so that this expansion can happen without sacrificing work quality.

2.Gaming Room

A Physical gaming room for employees to play a few indoor games like table tenni, chess is vital for connecting employees. This room can be very effective in dealing with pressure and mental fatigue and a place where employees can take a break and refresh.

3.Green Space

In the best-case scenario open green space at office helps promote more interactions. It also encourages better communication. But above all it promotes a better work environment. 

There are several reasons for this. The first is fresh air around workspace. Next is that people tend to interact when there’s open green space at office. Of course these interactions can be positive or negative but mostly, they are positive. These interactions could help you understand a problem from different perspectives and help you resolve issues faster and increase productivity and mental health of employees.

4.Natural light where ever possible

Natural light is best that can be used in an office. The sun’s rays enter from several angles, illuminating even deepest part. The glare produced by artificial lights is primarily absent in natural light.

Natural light is essential in an office that helps improve mood, productivity, and health. Therefore all workplaces should be designed/renovated to always access natural light.

5.Encourage social interaction

Allow employees to be open with one another. Even if they have to express complex overviews you want them to do it productively. Built a culture where employees are given resources to communicate effectively without fear of repercussion. 

To encourage communication you need to create right environment to talk about work issues productively. For instance if a discussion is going poorly, don’t just let it anyone out awkwardly. Instead take time to improve the way conversations happen by addressing interruptions low eye contact and challenging topics.

6.Be open and honest. 

Employees are loyal when they know what is going on and appreciate it. It’s not easy to motivate employees by having a culture of transparency but it’s worth it. One of simple ways to be transparent and honest in office is to put your company goals on a wall or whiteboard somewhere in your office. Then let employees see them every day. This can keep you focused on those goals remind you of what success will look like and help you think about how you’re going to get there in terms of short-term targets.

7.Create a pleasant workplace

Creating a pleasant work environment is essential to success of any organization. A friendly working environment comes from everyone recognizing that its success depends on each person doing their job well. At the same time employees need to realize that they are part of something important. 

That can be accomplished if all company employees give their best efforts to make it happen. It also requires that every person be treated with dignity and respect. With this in mind we have to create a culture where employees know they will treat fairly and heard when they speak up with suggestions and ideas. This policy has used effectively by many organizations in various industries.

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One of the most important things for employees to be happy is engagement. Above are top 7 amenities that can help boost the happiness of your employees and involve them when you look for ways to improve your current work environment.

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